03 June 2012

First Impression: Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

I have my doubt about this series but Monroe said that it's worth watching. I still doubt it. For some reasons I am no longer interested in anime that has heavy dorama/romance in it. Maybe I am just envious but still, watching them often left me depressed Orz. I just think I can't handle the dorama as well as I used to. It might have something to do with personal experiences...

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 Anyway, Dusk Maiden of  Amnesia is about Yuuko who is already dead but lives on as ghost at her school. Only one boy can see her, and it's no big surprised that he is part of the paranormal activity club. I dislike Yuuko from the very beginning. She's dead so she should have stopped being all slutty with Niiya. Yuuko can't seem to remember anything about her life thus the title of the series so I figured that this show will be a chronicles of events that eventually lead to her remember her past, and hopefully be dead for real, though I doubt it >_>

Yuuko looks like typical Japanese hime character, with long jet black hair and crimson eyes and the designs for the other three characters aren't as bad either though Niiya kinda looks like one of the girls too in my opinion. I think he looks better in the manga. The animation too was average and that pretty much saying that this show has nothing much to offer for people like me.

They only introduced 4 characters so far and out of all four, I actually enjoyed Momoe's characters the most. She is also one of the members of that club and perhaps the only one who has no idea that Yuuko is there. If it wasn't for her I would have dropped the show halfway through. Well, I still dropped it after I watched the whole episode though.\

There were several moments where I found myself laughing thanks to the dense Momoe but my dislike for Yuuko just over-ride everything at the moment. Having said that, it won't be fair if I included this show in the anishit list for that reason alone. It wasn't particularly bad. It was just disappointing.

Towards the end, Niiya said something about being possessed and they showed a glimpse of shadow Yuuko. I thought that was the most interesting moment of the episode, since it's somewhat a promise that shit will eventually get interesting. Too bad it only lasted for less than 2 seconds Orz

art & animation 7/10
story 6/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6.2/10


Ouch lol. I had this on my unofficial watch list...but now I'm getting scared lol. I guess I'll try to watch it after I finish Hyouka, Sankarea, or Upotte! (guilty pleasure)

P.S. all slutty?:( lol

Don't let my opinion affected you. After all we might have different taste in anime. But if it's something similar then you know better than waste your time on this average anime.

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