23 June 2012

Aniblog Tourney Final 32: The Yellow Bracket

Apparently the aniblog tourney is still going on strong, albeit them taking a hiatus to solve the proxy problems (or whatever) with the poll. And so here I am finding myself in the final 32 and I'm in the Yellow Bracket. Honestly I never thought I made it this far. I made it past Round 2 beating Oiishi and Seventh Style anime blog. Then came Round 3 and I thought for sure that I will be booted out in but I underestimate the power of my readers/stalker/spammers... I ended up as runner up which wasn't bad at all.

I said that I don't give a damn about the tourney but since I have come this far, I feel like at least I have to give an effort to try and fight for this round of the tourney. I think I owe that much for those who have voted for me in the last two rounds.

So for this round I am up against Lost in America, a strong opponent, of which I just heard and knew about after the last round. They kinda have a landslide win against the rest of their opponent. I mean, even Scamp ended up as runner up. So really, I don't expect to win against such blog.

But if you still vote for me then I sincerely thank you. THANK YOU.


Hopefully LOST in America will.....LOSE!


Good luck! Some of the blogs this round command huge numbers :/

Yeah, it just emphasized how puny and insignificant blog like mine is >_>

I think you should change your 'whatever' attitude & you will surely win

Heh, I'm down with 80 votes or so. I couldn't be bothered. It's a fair game though. He is a giant in the aniblog sphere after all.

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