15 June 2012

THAT milestone: 1 million

I noticed a few days ago that I will hit that 1 million hits mark in couple of days and that day is today, or more accurately this early morning when I was asleep. I said to Justin that I probably won't write any post since I have totally no idea what it is that I am supposed to write. He then reminded me that at the very least, I should say my thanks to all my readers, my stalkers (I doubt I have one) and even the spammers for contributing to this somewhat special milestone in my blogging life.

So here I am doing just that.


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Because Justin was right. If it wasn't for the readers and stalkers (and spammers), who keep coming back, I would have probably given up blogging and it would have broke my heart because I love to write. What is the point in writing something when no one bothers to read it, right?

Writing this post sort of gives me an idea of the content that I want people to read and understand. I guess I will take the opportunity to write the third part of my "About me" section: klux as a blogger, albeit it being a short one.

I am conspicuous. I'm blatant as fuck and I write what I want to write. I write about anime, books, politics, random ramblings, formula one and everything and anything else that I fancy. I am not writing any of my posts to please people, except on one or two occasion when the post is obviously directed to someone. I expect my readers to be respective of my opinion, just as I will respect my readers' opinions. But if you don't, don't expect me to give a fuck. Sounds fair isn't it?

But most of my readers must have known this. Yeah... moving on...

Coincidentally, as I hit this 1 million hits mark, my blog is up against 3 other blogs for round 3 in the aniblog tourney. I expect to be the last of the 4 blogs but surprisingly, I'm doing pretty good. I guess I underestimate my readers and so I want to apologize. Thank you for the votes.

LOL this is embarrassing when I said I don't give a fuck about the tourney anymore ^/////^"

Whatever right?

I'm ending this obligatory post.



Never underestimate the power of spammers and stalkers! LOL

yeah though I rarely got any spammers. Less than 10 maybe?

Congratulations!! 1 million is indeed the big milestone. ^ ^ I'm glad to have been part of that million.

It's the porn. Definitely the porn.

That's what you call marketing, Baka-Raptor though my popular posts don't have (much) porn in them :P

Actually, I think is the first time I learned you wrote about Formula One.

...I think this is the usual case of me learning about new things every day >_>

I used to work as an F1 journalist for Malaysian local F1 magazine under the nickname of Muir Hamzah (yes, it's a guy's name lol don't asked) for 6 years. Once Lewis Hamilton entered F1, my passion deteriorated because I seriously dislike that guy. When he won the championship, I resigned LOL.

There ya go, you learned more about me now :)

Congrats, girl! Woooooooo! <3

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