12 June 2012

First Impression: Zetman

Heh, if you read my preview for this show, you see how mislead I was. Here, lemme quote myself

"For some reason I got excited with Zetman. It probably has something to do with that misleading poster. It looks like a guy carrying another guy in his arms. The fujoshi in me squeals in delight."
So for the sake of argument, let just say that I have quite an "expectation" for this show XD

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And holy shit Zetman totally blew my mind away. I got more than what I expected. There was blood and violence and the fighting sequence makes me wet my pantsu. I love it.

Jin is a Player, an experimental creature used to entertain the higher society. Unfortunately one day these Players gain a mind of their own and rebel. They are at large in the society disguising themselves as human. Jin was brought up by the man who created him so he's more human than all the other creatures, and hence our main protagonist. This episode pretty much a history lesson for us viewers and it was done cleverly and interestingly enough to make me want to see the episode ASAP.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode because of the reasons I have already stated though I am a bit apprehensive with what's going to happen when he's all grown up and met Kouga again. If they end up as enemy, that would be intense.

I'm giving all the compliments that they deserved to the animation studio for job well done with the arts and animation. I was very impressed indeed especially when Jin showed those thugs what he was made of. That was definitely one of the highlight of this episode for me. The other was when Jin being ZET towards the end of the episode.

I guess the creativity part comes from the manga itself.

I have nothing but good words to say about this show. A very good first impression indeed. I'm sorry that I didn't check this show earlier.

Number of episode: 13
Season: Spring 2012

art & animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.8/10


Blood = Attractive

Everything Else = Unattractive

Although, someone once told me to watch this and apparently it kicks ass, I just need to remember to watch it myself (or read the manga).

they said the manga is more intense and yes, this show really do kick ass but not to Samurai Champloo's level of kicking ass. I guess that whole transforms-into-Zetman-thingy is a turn off for me.

But it's that "guy carrying guy" scene on the anime? hahahaha wanna watch it just for this xD

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