29 June 2012

It's the end of our journey

I set my alarm clock at 2.35am. That gave me 10 minutes to be fully awake for the Euro2012 semifinal game between Germany versus Italy. I have high hope that Germany will meet Spain and kick their asses to make up for their lost in the World Cup.

But then their defense were sloppy as shit for the first half which allowed Italy to score 2 goals. Obviously by then they start to be defensive.

There goes my hope... crushed.

But the game itself was entertaining as fuck. 

And I'm writing this post before the game ends. There is still a chance that Germany might win this (argh fuck I'm still hoping) but even if they don't, I still love them till death do us apart ♥


Once I had Italy not making it out of group stages, I told a friend of mine that Italy was going to win the whole thing. Right again. My bracket? a piece of shit.

*sigh* Italy... the Angstgegner. Well, maybe in two years. Wasn't Löw's best strategy to bring Podolski this time. Now I at least want to see Italy win, since I'm tired of watching Spain, especially this time they are awful, yet they win.

I'm still waiting for England to win the world cup/euros...

I want Italy to fucking win it. Spain's game is boring as fuck and since the game starts at 2.45am in my timezone, I rather not loose sleep over it.

As for England winning the world cup... that's just like waiting for Malaysia to win the damn cup too.

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