19 June 2012

First Impression: Natsuiro Kiseki

I suspected that there is no in between for this show. It’s either I like it or I don’t. Judging from the synopsis from the preview, there are higher percentages that I would end up raging about it. However, I told myself not to jump into conclusion just by those few words of introduction. So far I ended up liking Sengoku Collection when I first thought that it would be shit. There’s the chance that this show might end up just like that, isn’t it?

(c) Hidari
The dorama started right of the bat with Natsumi and Saki fought while Rin and Yuka tried to reconcile them. These are four good friends who have been together since their fourth grade. They always wished upon a big rock at the temple and in attempt to make Natsumi and Saki friends again before Saki moves to Tokyo, Yuka and Rin gathered them around the big rock where they fought some more. Accidentally Rin wished that she could fly and apparently this wish was echoed by her friends. Before they knew it, they were indeed flying in the sky. It was kinda cool.

At first I thought that this show is just another idol anime but glad that it wasn’t just that. I like the fact that they put in some dorama and conflicts in the plot. It gave the show some depth that I found lacking in other idol anime, and AKB0048 was the latest example of that.

Oh wait, my mistake. This show is put under the slice of life tag >_>
The art and animation are decent with nothing actually stands out. The character designs could have been more creative. The girls each have different personality though they are kinda the typical archetype characters; Natsumi the leader, Saki the logical, Rin the quiet girl and Yuka the energetic. I personally like Yuka the best simply because of the positive energy she brings.

Since this show can be considered as an idol anime, naturally the songs have that idol feel to it. They are pretty good to be honest. I don’t find them obnoxious at all, like I did with AKB0048 songs. Urgh *shudders*

I am glad that I gave this show a chance. Turned out I did like it. I didn’t rage at all. Not even for a moment. It’s quite an accomplishment I must say.

Number of episodes: 12
Season: Spring 2012

Art & animation 7/10
Story 7/10
Characters 7/10
Sound 6/10
Enjoyment 6/10
Overall 6.6/10


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