28 June 2012

Bleach: Chapter 498

Oh interesting... I never knew that Akon is a Vice Director of Mayuri's lab. Either way, as expected they have trouble finding Ichigo since the badge that they gave them, he left it in the material world. They quickly figured out that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo though and he used Urahara's shop as the gateway. I hope they will send Rukia to fetch her. Oh please let it be so Kubo... please...

But of course Kubo won't do that because he sucks.

Instead, they let him connect to Urahara. I would be surprised if Urahara doesn't know about the war in Soul Society yet since he always seems like he is ahead of everyone else. As I suspected, I was right. What I didn't expect though is the fact that the shinigami were surprised that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo fighting a battle with a Quincy even before they knew about them being there. Well, don't think too highly of Ichigo guys... The Quincy themselves sent a private invitation to Ichigo that he can't refuse.

They were even more surprised that Ichigo seems to have the upper hand against the Quincy. Well, that dude was a small fry for fuck's sake. Of course he is having trouble trying to seal Ichigo's bankai. Buckbeard has sent all the good ones are to Soul Society so stop putting Ichigo on a pedestal damn it. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

Seriously, you guys are embarrassing Ichigo as well
But then again... he's fap worthy

Just as things are about to get interesting, Urahara interfered. The timing sure seems suspicious. He couldn't wait till Opie tell them why they want to seal bankai as he puts Ichigo on the phone to talk to Akon. But then again, Soul Society really do need Ichigo to be there ASAP.

Hmm...  I just don't know what to say anymore...

I guess I'll end this review here then.

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Yes he is quite the handsome. Damn.

one of your shortest reviews ever, not that I blame you.

Well, at least this arc is better than the Fullbullshit, Aizen butterfly, or plotkai(captains owning all the arrancar) arcs. Not quite Hueco Mundo level yet, but it could get there.

If you think this review is short, wait till you read my thoughts for chapter 499 >_>

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