06 November 2009

Bleach: Chapter 381

I wish Mayuri would have explained a bit how he managed to open the Garganta. I know he said something about it in the last chapter but it was not efficient. I just like to compare how he is if put against Urahara.

Anyway, Ichigo reminiscing really brought back some nice memories of the past. If only we didn't get the predictable result of good guys win every time, we would still be creating nice memories of the present -__-

But lol Ichigo just had to make that unnecessary comment, adding another foe on his list. Not only he has to run away from Kenpachi, but from Mayuri too now XD

lol nemu you idiot *facepalm*

Okay.... can someone fucking tell me what was it that Unohana was trying to tell Ichigo? She asked him what he thinks of Aizen and when Ichigo admitted that he's one strong mothafucka, that even he couldn't even do a thing, Unohana came right up and said that he is the only one who has a chance to fucking murder the mothafucka? I mean seriously WTF?! If she knew what it would take to defeat the mothafucka's zanpaktou, then why O the fuck why didn't she just take the responsibility and fucking slaughter that mothafucka herself instead of shoving it down Ichigo's ass?! I mean she's a fucking captain for fuck sake! Be useful for once Unohana!! Think of something! What's the use of the old fuck Yamaji?! Goddammit!!!

*takes a deep breath*

Well at least Kubo came up with something logical (is trying hard to stay positive here) to justify Ichigo defeating Aizen but it still as lame as Madao's analog stick. Oh god...

Back in Hueco Mundo, Kenpachi is having fun raping the giant Yammy while Byakuya is suspicious of Mayuri. I momentarily forgot about the retard Unohana when Byakuya questioned Mayuri about his attention in staying in Hueco Mundo. Such hostility... freaking awesome. I'm glad Byakuya is not retarded as to believe that Ichigo can defeat Aizen. (btw, I'm so going to act all hostile in RPing. Sorry Alex but I'm gonna bitch your ass XD)


Sorry for the short review. I'm just lost for words to rant :(

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


You know what? Fuck this. I'm not done ranting.

THIS WAS THE UBER GENIUS PLAN?!! Ichigo... and everyone else, did you guys fucking forget this?!

Okay, so what if Ichigo got some power up plotkai? If none of the captain can't lay a finger on Aizen (not even Shinji!!) what makes you think a substitute shinigami can do the job? Even if Ichigo hasn't seen his shikai, the mothafucka still proficient with kidou and have an excellent sword skills. Like duh... he is only captain for >100 years. Not to mention that Ichigo has been fighting NON-STOP since he set his foot in Hueco Mundo. At least give him a fucking coffee break! And what the fuck was Unohana warning him not to ever look at the mothafucka's shikai. How should he know you moron. Even you guys didn't know he had used his shikai on you guys. ARRGHHHHH!!!!!

I swear that this better be an elaborate skim to draw Isshin/Urahara out or some shit like that. Otherwise this is fucking absurd! It started with old fuck Yamaji sends 4 of his captain to Hueco Mundo to do what exactly? In the end, it was Ichigo who did all the work. Jeebus. Soul Society is full of idiots (except for Byakuya. He's no idiot. And Rukia, because I love her).



I agree completely. I hope the whole thing does not end with some ridiculous last minute super power up that allows Ichigo to beat Aizen. I'm hoping there'd be at least some sort of tag team gang bang against Aizen.

Ok, are you in a bad mood? Why the ranting? I think that what unohana said is reasonable, although really, to ask ichigo not to see his shikai is practically asking him to fight aizen blindfolded cause if he realises that ichigo poses any threat at all, he will release his shikai.

Or or, he could tell the others where aizen really is!!!... Wait, that strategy is doomed to fail.

Or isshin and er ishida's dad could turn up. I'll bet ishida's dad hasn't seen aizen's shikai.

I read this chapter right after I read Naruto so it could influence my mood >_>

But yeah, this week chapter is weak imo. It just confirmed what we already now, which is such a pain in the ass because we don't want it to end up like that. Shit. This chapter literally pissed me off.

Ishida's dad is Ryuuken btw ;)

Unohana had seen his shikai previously and is still under it's influence iirc.

That is a lame excuse, lovesickdead, and you know it.

Yeah, I know but.. ;__; Meh it was a shit chapter.

Lol I think it was a bit premature for the series to declare that Ichigo was the last hope. We all know this'll eventually come about, but Ichigo is kind of wishy-washy these days. Looks like Ichigo will have to learn the ways of the blind samurai in order to have a chance.

exactly! I am a fan of Ichigo, make no mistake of that but oh how I wish he gets royally PAWNED by Aizen.

I think ichigo will get pawned. Or else we won't get an extension of the story. The villain always gets defeated in the end, but only in the end. zzz...

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