17 September 2010

Bleach: Episode 288

They started this episode with Ichigo taunting Mayuri and interestingly Mayuri was affected with such words. I guess Mayuri really doesn't like to be compared to Urahara. Heh.

Ichigo went into the garganta with Unohana in tow. So that means, Rukia, Isane, Chad, Renji, Byakuya, Nemu, Mayuri, Ishida, Kenpachi and Whorehime are the one that get left behind in Hueco Mundo.

Byakuya immediately thought that it was odd that Mayuri decided to stay with them when he could have more data if he followed Ichigo to the real world. I found this quite fascinating since I didn't think of it until Byakuya said so. And it was extremely funny when after Mayuri stated his reason, Byakuya just looked at him condescendingly. It pissed Mayuri so much that he shook in anger. LOL I never thought that Mayuri can be riled up this easily. He must have quite a low self-esteemed despite his big talk.

But yeah, Byakuya was right. Mayuri unknowingly believed that sending Ichigo to the real world would end the war. LOL busted!

One of the rare moments in Bleach: Byakuya smiling

Back in the garganta, Unohana has a little chat with Ichigo. I got to saw the flashback of Aizen stopping Ichigo's zanpaktou with only a finger. LOL Kubo need to see the fucking flashback before he decided with the shit he presented us in recent chapters. Despite of the difference in strength, Ichigo is still kinda nonchalant about facing Aizen in the real world.

Oh know I remember what will happen in this episode because I obviously remember what Unohana said to Ichigo in the garganta: that only Ichigo can fight Aizen. I remember it so clearly because the fans fucking RAGE at the revelation in chapter 381.

Unohana was under the impression that Ichigo current reiatsu is rival that of a captain level shinigami. What she didn't know though is the fact that Ichigo's reiatsu aren't completely recovered yet. He only has less than half of his shikakusho which apparently an indicator of how much reiatsu he has. So at least in term of reiatsu, Ichigo can still rival that of Aizen. That means...


On the other hand, Kenpachi continues to fight against Yammy. Nothing worth noticing in this fight in my opinion. It was so fucking boring, like watching flies fuck.

I hope Byakuya will finish him off in the next episode. He has more screen time than Ulquiorra and that is unforgivable.

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...when have you seen flies mating? ^~^

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