30 July 2010

Kinoshita Hideyoshi

I just saw at The Figure Mall today that they are opening a pre-order for PVC 1/8 scale Kinoshita Hideyoshi. I wasn't really interested in PVC figure. The only PVC I have now are Megahouse Kurosaki Ichigo and Toynami White Hollow Ichigo. Soon Apha Omega Hiyori Sarugaki will join them (when I said soon, I mean that she'll arrive today. Fuck, I'm super excited).

The reason why there are so little PVC figures in my collection is because I feel like I can't really do anything with them other than have them for display unlike figmas and nendoroid. However, once in a while, when I saw a character that I am crazy for being sculptured to PVC figures and have incredible details on them, I just know that I have to have them. That's why I purchased the over-priced White Hollow Ichigo. I did the same with Hiyori.

That is exactly how I feel when I saw the PVC figure of Hideyoshi. I mean just look at the face and check out that fucking ass!

Oh fuck he is HAWT *drools*

That was tempting enough for me to put down the pre-order. Alter is known for their incredible sculpture details and you can see the work that has been put in for Hideyoshi. I'm totally sold!

Not to mention that the smexy pose. Taking off your pantsu, Hideyoshi? Yes please!!

The figure also comes with his summon being, the chibi gangsta Hideyoshi, weilding a black sword. So cute.

I so want this figure. I'm calculating at the moment whether or not I can afford it. I just bought Hiyori which cost me helluva lot. I also just finished paid the remaining balance for Nendoroid Azunyan which will be arriving today as well. There are still six figma/nendo that I have pre-ordered but is yet to arrive. That would cost a lot of money. Not to mention the other figures that will be coming out soon (I'm gonna write a post about it just because I can) that I know I have to get my hands on them as well as figma Konata Izumi summer version that I have been trying to get since it August last year. Hmm...

Dammit, why aren't I born with silver spoon in my mouth.

Argh tell me please, should I or shouldn't I get this?


Oh my god, this figure is amazing!!! :-D
I want it too!!! *drool* *drool* *drool*

If you can afford it, buy it.

Well I was quite struck by Love Plus PCV which comes in 3!! Will blog about that later.

I'm gonna wait for few more days before I make up my mind. It is so tempting though.

I saw your obsession with Love Plus on twitter LEon. hehe. Fortunately I am not into girl figurines otherwise I would have gone bankrupt by now

Figures are so expensive. I wish I was rich too. Then I can just indulge in my hobbies all day. Anyways, I like his pose.

I appreciate how tight his pantsu is, Yi ^w^

Wait, this is a guy? How can it be a guy? Such a feminine figure! >.<

Watch Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Chester! I demand you!

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