23 September 2010

Bleach: Episode 289

I feel like quitting watching Bleach. Since I started writing chapters review, I am much better with the details and even if I forget I can always check out my blog to refresh my brain. But then again, Bleach is the whole reason I got addicted to anime. It just doesn't feel right to just abandon the anime.

Hmm, this is hard. I think I'll stick to it for the time being. Besides, the anime can still amuses me sometimes.

Anyway, in this episode, Yammy had more than what bargained for when he attacked both Kenpachi and Byakuya. Like I have said thousand times over, don't fucking underestimate your enemy because if you lost it will be damn embarrassing. During the fight I like the fact that Kenpachi was running while Byakuya gracefully used shunpo. These two captains are totally opposite of each other. I couldn't help but lol'd when suddenly they ended up as each other opponent. This just gave me idea for my RP.

I'm gonna have a fucking nightmare

But guess what? The bastard Yammy just got even bigger and uglier if that were possible. Holy fuck... did that really happened? Did he get another release? Fuck, why can't I remember this? I must have blacked it out from my brain from the sheer ugliness of the shit. After I checked, the upgrade did happen in chapter 383. Apparently the fucker represents anger so by Kubo's logic, the angrier he gets, the bigger he'll be and supposedly stronger. I don't buy that crap.

Too bad they switched the fight to Tousen vs Hisagi/Komamura which was kinda action-packed. I appreciate the details that went into the fight. They also focus on Hiyori/Shinji/Gin/Aizen complicated conference. Well I gotta say, even after I know what will happen, I am still as excited as fuck when Shinji decided to fight Aizen. The feelings that rushes over me, that's the kind of feeling that will keep me coming back for Bleach.

Oh oh oh!! Tousen is going to use hollow power! I have been waiting for this for quite a while now. I remember the details from the manga and can't wait to see it get animated. Heh

How pathetic it was when Hisagi and Komamura got preachy when Tousen became hollowfied and they turned out to be totally useless against him. I hope this made them realized that getting the hollow power ain't necessarily bad. What bad is they trying to justify Ichigo's hollowfication. That is just double standard to me.

After some speech, we gotta see more flashbacks when Tousen still had his afro. Who would have thought that Hisagi turned out to be such a coward. And that line on his right eyes, apparently he got that from a hollow during his training in real world at the academy. All this time I thought that scars were part of his tattoo. LOL

This is what will happen when you talk too much in a fight

Tousen revealed his true fear which is to die as a shinigami. Again, more flashback. Did I ever tell you that Tousen is one of the captains that I truly dislike besides the old fuck? Well, now you know.

That's it for this week. TBC in the next episode. I'm gonna put up some of the screen shots that I took randomly.

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Heh, Tosen and Yama-ji? What about Aizen? Doesn't he deserve your hate too? ^0^

I don't hate Aizen

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