06 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 402

Whoa, luckily I checked onemanga. They are faster than mangastream for once. WTH?

So yeah I was all excited and shit when Urahara appeared in the last chapter. After 2 weeks though I got a feeling that it won't be much of a different. What if his appearance will be just like the others? A total phailure. I mean, look at Shinji... I have such a high expectation of him but he was being played by Aizen like he's Hanatarou >_>

I sure hope I am worried my butt off for no reason though knowing Kubo, he'll find a way to kill my happiness.

Deicide 3? Kubo, last chapter we already have Deicide 3!! *smh*

And thus the usual happened: Aizen and Urahara exchange tons of words. But holy fuck! In the middle of their conversation, when Urahara implied that he might not be able to master the Hogyouku in the past but it is different now, Aizen stabbed Urahara out of nowhere, before I can blink an eye...

I clenched my heart. Afraid that what I worried about is becoming a reality. But I forgot that this is Urahara. He always has something up his sleeves. He survives. Apparently when he fought with Yammy, he was gathering intel as well and knows of the move.

In response to that attack, Urahara constricted Aizen using bakudou. Actually several Bakudous: 61, 63 and 73 although there's a slight discrepancy because as far as I remember, 73 is known as the Tozansho (manga chapter 377 page 6) but Urahara used another incantation which is Kuyou Shibari. Meh, lets get back to the story.

I doubt it would hold him for long but I guess it would give Urahara enough time to do a new hadou 91. It sure looks strong but I don't think it will do much damage to Aizen. He has the Hogyouku inside of him after all.

And I was right. Credits to Urahara for the effort though and he's not done yet. Not by a mile.

Urahara can read Aizen more or less like an open book. The hadou and bakudou weren't meant to be to harm Aizen but more to seal his reiatsu. Why? Because when Aizen tried to use his reiatsu, this will happen:

Heh, you gotta love Urahara ^^

We won't be seeing the last of Aizen yet though. He has not even wear his Vaizard mask yet (See how Hogyouku is transforming him?). So far this fight between Aizen and Urahara has been somewhat equal but we will start seeing Aizen kicked some ass in the next chapter.

As for Isshin, what the hell was he doing the whole time?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Whoa... I was super pumped for Urahara's entrance; hopefully he won't back down without putting up a good fight. o/

There's no way Urahara would do that. Like I've said countless time, if there's a person who can defeat Aizen on equal footing, it's Urahara.

But then again, Ichigo is the protagonist after all >_<

this chapter was sick... actually got me excited. Its like a chess match between those too. however, i still would like to see Aizen kill a good guy for once in this series.

hopefully this will turn out to be the best fight we've seen so far.

I want Aizen to kill........... oh wait, didn't he already kill the old fuck?

Urahara is soooo awesome. Aizen will live though because Ichigo has to be the one to kill him.


Kubo just has lost his touch over the years. He barely surprised his fans with the plot anymore T^T

Isshin, like Ichigo and Gin, has just been taking in the sheer awesome of Urahara doing the impossible, seeing the invisible (rawrrawr fight the powa!) touching the untouchable, breaking the unbreakable (rawrrawr fight the powa!). =)
I mean seriously, there are some fights you don't butt in on...this is one of em.

Hmm... interesting chapter... the new bakudou used by Urahara was actually #79, as the Onemanga translation was rushed, so some parts of it are garbled. Mangastream finally posted its translation, which is a little smoother.

I'm a bit surprised that Urahara went through the effort to use Hadou #91 on a semi-perfect Aizen, even if it was just a distraction, as #96 peformed point-blank by Yamamoto Genryusai failed to do any serious, lasting damage to imperfect Aizen.

Ugh... Perfect Godmode Aizen just pisses me the hell off. Now he just looks like a more aesthetically conservative and slightly less ridiculous released Rudobon, now with the ability to slash things with his hands, like his arrancar subordinates can (Di Roy, Grimmjow, Nnoitra, Ulquiorra, etc.). Where the hell... WHY THE HELL did Aizen (apparently) ditch Kyoka Suigetsu?! >_>

I fully expected Urahara to utilize some sort of power-seal on God-Aizen. This absurd villain strategy-fail situation happened in the Naruto manga before (for you Naruto readers, I'm talking about Sasuke w/ Susano'o spam vs. Danzo), as whenever a villain gets a super-massive instantaneous power up, the person just throws out all sophisticated sense of strategy and ingenuity, while focusing only on beating the hell out of their adversary with raw killing power. Could genius Aizen have actually turned into cero-espada Yammy? It's almost ridiculous...

The dialogue pretty much indicated exactly that.
Aizen: "There's no longer any need for me to evade"

Urahara: "I'm saying that your failure to dodge that kidou was letting down your guard. Get it? If it was the old you, You wouldn't have just let me try my attacks one after another, would you?"

Damn it... we'll see what Kubo pulls out of his arse next time. Urahara counter-trolling the troll on the last few pages made this chapter worth waiting the extra week for.

Just who the hell do they think Urahara is!? Aizen literally kicked reason to the curb, but didn't do it the Dai-Gurren way, so he fell flat on his face...


He will test us till the very end.

Heh, I love reading your comment Darwin. Great attention to detail. I forgot that the old fuck has tried Hadou #96 on Aizen and it did nada. Oh well, we all kinda already know that Urahara will get his ass kicked eventually to give way to Ichigo to finish Aizen off.

Fucking Kubo.

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