04 June 2010

I've reached that small milestone of 50K

My blog has reached the 50K mark although in all honesty it must have hit that mark couple of months back because you see I only got the stat counter back in August 2009 where else this blog as been up since 2006. Just think of the all the hits that the stat must have missed!

Not that it was a popular blog then, nor it is a popular blog now.

The changed of direction was quite dramatic. Starting from July last year I decided to start spasm about anime and manga in my blog. That was how this blog got the revamp and the look that you see now.

I used to write about anything and everything from motorsport, to poetry, to politics to emo-shit. They were far in between and sparse-tic. Once a month was an accomplishment. It was either I was being too lazy or I ran out of ideas of what to write. I did write a handful of anime reviews and felt satisfied doing it so I thought why not? So here I am.

The blog is called conspicuous klu[x] for a reason.

Conspicuous - blatant: without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious;
Yes, I swore a lot. Fuck is probably my favorite word. Don't ask me why. It just is. I think the word fuck is awesome. Literally or not. You can used the word to emphasize your feelings. I can say I am mad but the impact wouldn't be the same like when I say I am fucking mad. See what I mean? So if you are holier than thou, fuck off.

I am a very secretive person in real life. The only way I am truly honest about my feelings are when I put it down in words. That is the reason I created a blog, I need an outlet. Since blogging has no rule, I can write shit and get away with it. It gave me the sense of freedom especially during those day, my creativity in writing was stifled. I was forced to write according to certain guidelines and weren't allowed me to have an opinion. I don't blame them though. I was still a rookie back then and when I do read what I wrote in those days, I can't believe how much I suck and how much I have improved. Sorta. Kinda. Heh

This is my 467th post. I know this is nothing compared to other bloggers. I'm just gonna use one for example because he's my favorite blogger and my husbando too. Kinda. Glo the Legend has reached 100K in February this year and he started out at the end of December 2008. He has written more than 500 posts already. I guess that's how you know that you are popular. The stats.

Oh how cruel :P

Like any other milestone achievements, I feel oblige to provide you with the facts.

My average readership in a month is around 2000. Unsurprisingly and unintentionally the US dominated my blog in term of readership with Malaysia (which probably just me) comes in second. I guess this just goes to show that most tards are residing in the US. *These stats were from September 2009 to date

Thanks to google, my most popular page is the animetard. I think it was because of the hot IchiRuki picture.

As for the keywords, there is nothing out of ordinary besides the usual hentai, ecchi and porn search which I don't have but people seems to keep returning to my blog to look for them. Maybe one of these days, I should write a post about hentai, ecchi and porn. That would at least justify the queries and I wouldn't feel bad for the perverts. They won't be leaving my blog empty handed.

Aight next I want to talk about my blogroll. I have notice that in some blog they were quite elitist with their blogroll. I mean you have to apply to be included in them? Pfft, they acted like it was a privilege. Maybe it is but that's like putting yourself on a pedestal.The way I see it, they were like your minions, and you jizz in your pantsu every time someone asked if they can be in your blog roll, because it's like they are bowing down to your greatness. Or I am just jealous :P

At the moment, I have 74 blogs in my blogroll and not all of them are anime related. Some of the people in my blogroll has never even been to my blog. It's not about "I have added you now you have to add me back" thing. I include any blog that I feel will be an interesting reading. If you notice, I don't have Random Curiosity, supposedly one of the best anime blog, in it because in my opinion episodic blog is just a bore unless you inject some of your character in your post, which sadly most of the episodic blog kinda lack of. Content FTW!

I am not interested to open this blog to any other writer. This blog is personal and will remain to be so forever, if God permits it. I hope I will continue to have passions for anime and manga for years to come so that I can continue to enjoy writing shits about them.

Thank you for those who have come to visit this humble blog of mine.

And with that, I am gonna conclude this entry with my favorite picture of Japan.

so delicious =3


Well, not that i'm saying Glo's blog is bad...but baka-raptor's is much more awesome even if glo's was influenced by Baka...it is not as good as the original ;)

As for your blog...i don't even know why i started reading it... oh...now i remember, it was because of that awesome post about being friends with izumi konata ;) You got some other good posts too, but not all of them...(unlike baka-raptor, that even his filler posts are good)

Well i must say i also like the word fuck, i use it everytime and everywhere ;)

Just to finish it, if you write a blog in english, why are you expecting to see readers from locations other than US like zimbabwe for instance ?

I am the only Brazilian who can fully read/write/speak english (lies)

Congrats klux! I always like to read your blog as it really honest and opinionated which is a good thing as a reviewer. Best wishes for more readership and growth in your blog. Don't ever stop blogging. :)

Congratulations on making it to 50k.

LOL someone is in love with Baka Raptor :P

I'm gonna write a post about my favorite blogger one day and I'm sure Baka Raptor will make the list (I think).

Baka Raptor is great. That is a given fact but this is about personal preference so I'll go with Glo because well, eyesedso.

And yeah, I know most of my post sucks. You can said so. I won't be offended :P

Malaysian can read, write and communicate in English so I guess I was hoping they would take interest in my blog. You know, spreading the love for anime and shit like that. Alas, it was foolish of me to hope.

Thank you again guys for the obligatory congrats. Heh XD

Contratulations! 50K is not such a small milestone. I really enjoy visiting and I hope to see more posts. ^ ^

I love your attitude about blogroll. I don't like being too stingy with links either. ^ ^

Anyways, I love that you're keeping this personal. That's why I like reading this blog. It packs so much personality.

DOUBLE EDIT: It's actually to long to post in one comment. Two comments it is. This comment is honestly longer than a lot of my posts.

EDIT: This comment will be very long....sorry....Let it be known that I wrote this comment once already, and then my computer decided to hit the "back" button by itself. Yea, annoying....FUCKING annoying.

Speaking of FUCK being a great word:


1) My site sucks. I have always thought that my site sucks. So what if I have 500+ posts? No one really reads them aside from a few viewers (all of whom, are AWESOME and the best readers a person could ask for). I must say that lately, however, my site has skyrocketed to awesomeness. I've been getting an absurd 600 hits a day, which is triple what I usually get. I'm sure it's all thanks to the aniblog tourney more than anything (still can't believe you weren't in that. I'm still a bit mad about that, because your blog is better than most of the blogs involved). Personally, I think that your blog is better than mine is. I have you ranked somewhere (I honestly don't know where...maybe 2?) in my top five blogs on my sidebar. And for good reason. All of your posts are interesting. Even the ones not about manga. The Roost post? Awesome. I want to go there. It's actually destination one if I ever go to Malaysia, which will happen if I win the lottery, which I won't because I don't play the lottery. Maybe an unknown relative will die and leave me 302494 billion dollars. We can always hope that will happen...

But yea, I have no belief in Eye Sedso. It sucks. In fact, I hate everything I do. Nothing is ever good enough for me, which should make me strive to do better, but instead instills me with a sense of apathy, which is fine I guess.

2) I too am secretive in real life....kind of. I do not like conversations, which is why I don't have a girlfriend, because you have to call them every night and talk for an hour. It's like homework. Ugh. And if you can't call them for some reason they get all on your case. Why do we have to call each other? Why not just be satisfied with hanging out, liking each other, and calling every now and then? Everything is too systematic. I hate it. I mostly avoid social situations, mainly because they're always awkward. Example:

I had to go to a sports store, where a friend of mine, along with my own father, both work. I didn't want to go because I knew I'd see them and be forced to converse with them, lest I seem like huge ass hole. I avoided my dad. I avoided (for the time being) my friend...but OH! The I see someone else I know! She works there too! UGGGHHHH. I had to have a talk about, "Did you graduate?" "College?" "What are you doing after?" STOTOPPPPPPP TALKKKING TOOO MEEEEEEE!!! I just wanted to check to see if they have a pair of shoes I wanted!!!(they didn't) I didn't want to play 21 questions!!

So that ended, and I got the fuck out of there. But not before getting stopped by another friend who asked me if I wanted to go climbing (which I didn't). It was awkward. For the record, these aren't my "Good friends". These are the people who you kind of know, and sometimes see around. Worst conversation partners ever, because you both feel obligated to talk, but neither of you really want to, nor do you have anything to say to each other.

However, if you are a good friend of mine, I will talk nonstop about random shit only to amuse myself, and not to add any actual content to a conversation. Hooray me!

3) @ Thiago Pagogna:


4) At this point, I don't pay attention to my blogroll at all. I have a lot of people there, but some I don't check anymore, and there are many others that I'm subscribed to, but aren't on my blogroll. I probably am subscribed to about 70+ blogs as well. But I'm too lazy to update my blogroll.

3.5) Well, this time my computer decided that I should hit the forward button, and thus, I moved forward a page, erasing this comment, yet again....luckily, I expected this, and copied my comment after each adjustment. I have outwitted you, computer. Bow before me.

4) Danny Choo on your sidebar? I only just noticed that, and all I have to say is why?

5) You probably have closer to 100K if you only just got the counter in August 2009.....maybe even 300K, realistically.

6) Are you listed on Anime Nano? I get pretty much all my hits from there probably.

7) I thought of doing that SAME THING for the perverts for the exact SAME REASON as you. No one wants to feel cheated. Not even peverts! In the end, I elected to not create a post about "skinny penis" and "bumps on the penis shaft".

And finally:

CONGRATULATIONS to my wife (kinda), klux!

Congratulations on 50k. I had 50k once.

I never get hentai hits. All my searches are disappointingly intentional.

Enough about me. Let's talk about you. I like mixed personal/anime blogs (as long as the person isn't boring). Reminds me of my site before I sold out. Oh wait, we're talking about you here. I hope you keep having fun writing. It's fun to read, that's for sure.

@kluxorious, i forgot to write before, congratulations !
but if i were you, i'd congratulate myself if i reached 50k comments rather than 50k hits ;)

@glo, Three Points for you: (copying your style actually)

1.) Lucky Star is Awesome, i was going to release a comedy post about Lucky Star vs Detroit Metal City... but Krauser-Sama Raped all my pictures of the girls and my text... i was surprised he didn't rape my own computer, however...

2.) You don't have to talk to people you don't like/want in streets, just do like i do, if i see someone i'm not willing to talk, i can:

2.1) Just say hi from affar, and then go in the oposite direction (turning my back to the person i said hi)

2.2) Just be snob, and pretend i didn't see that person, turn the head purposely to another direction as if i'm really not seeing anyone know.

But i wouldn't avoid my own father, i like talking to him ;)

3.) Girls are like that, if you want a girlfriend and don't want homework you are #fail, do what i do, have casual romances only, until you find a girl that doesn't suck. (which btw is hard).

This of course, if you're just looking for someone to hang out/have sex, if we were talking about love here, things are totally different, it is all a totally different story ;)

@baka-raptor: Your Magesty, y'know a loyal fan of you would suck up to you even in other people's blog.

Aside that, Glo must be added to your list of bloggers who hates his own blog. LOL.

1. Thaigo Pagogna <3 Baka-Raptor's 8=D.

2. Jeff... Really? that was the longest comment ever. However, I will say that it is annoying to be called a copy-cat of someone. Although i feel like anyone that swears or is sarcastic is called a baka-raptor copy cat (i was called it twice and we are completely different. his posts actually are relevant... sometimes)

Instead of a 3, I will now talk about Klux:

Congrats on the 50k. I was pretty pumped when I hit that, and when I hit 100 i made a post about it. Although I would be so much more excited if I got that many comments.

I too like the anime/personal mix. It's a lot more interesting to me. Also, I have a mix'ed blog so I like things that are like me.

Anyways, keep it up, this is one of the few blogs that I check on a daily basis. Congrats again.

oh also, you should join animenano too. I got a lot of action from that.

@ TP:

I'm too lazy to write you're whole name, because I'm lazy....I actually can't remember what I was going to say....FUCK.....I hate when that happens.

AGGGHH I just had it too......oh well.

@ oballer.:

Way to come golfing today....fag. Being called a copy cat of Baka Raptor isn't really even an insult, he rules...and don't say my real name online! Don't you know of the consequences!?

@ TP:

I remember now! I have a love/hate relationship with my ISSS. I love to visit it and see the comments, but I still think it's a piece of crap and don't know why people visit it in the first place. For more, see the post I will be releasing on the 8th of this month, which by no coincidence is when voting for Eye Sedso will commence in the Aniblog Tourny....you should vote for me because I like Baka Raptor (even chronicalled his trip to England), Detroit Metal City, and Lucky Star. It's a no-miss! Tell your friends, vote Eye Sedso.

Hey Glo, I've wrote a long reply to your comment. Guess what happened? The power supply fucked up and my laptop (which is not on battery) were shutdown forcefully thus my long comment was gone too. Fuck.

1.1) I've asked Scamp how did they chose the blogs for the tourney. He said they randomly picked those that are on anime nano. Since I'm not on anime nano, that's that. *shrugs*

1.2) Your blog is greatness. Stop saying otherwise. Oh wait. You pretend that you did but you didn't.

1.3) I don't think my writes-up are any good actually compared to others but I was being conspicuous so I have no regret. I also want to write something that is more personal but keep putting the idea on a back seat. Maybe someday soon.

2) ZOMG we are one and the same! I know exactly what you mean. The homework is tiring and borderline retarded!

When I met people that I'm not fond of, I will zip my lips and let my expression of distaste made known to them. Works every time.

3) I dunno where did Thi got the idea that you are copying Baka Raptor. I read your ISSS every day and don't find any resemblance except for the occasional insult. He must be on drugs :P

3.5) Thank you for being 2nd on your list.

4) You have your anime nano. I have my otaku.fm. Leave me alone (no, don't leave me alone!). I'm just using DC for hits. He's only worth it for that anyway.

5) Yeah realistically maybe around that number. Why did I get the stat anyway? I blame blur for this. He influenced me to get one!

6) I've tried anime nano. Seems like they really hate me. I am not listed, even today.

7) I want to write a post on "skinny penis" but that means I have to do my research. I feel like a slut.

and thank you husband. kinda. This is why I married you =3

You guys have no idea what all these compliments are doing to my ego. I'll try not to let it get into my head (lies)

But seriously knowing that you guys enjoy reading my posts (the acceptable one at least) means a lot to me.

Enough with the fucking emoshit.

@Yi, speaking of personality, yours is so much different than mine. From your writings, I always thought of you as prim and proper. ^^

@Baka Raptor, I think I just had an imaginary b0nar...

@Thi, I congratulate myself whenever I posted a new entry. Knowing myself, it was an accomplishment. The day I reached 50K comments, I think I'm gonna jizz in my pantsu all day long. Not that it will ever happen because I dunno how to get the stats for comment ^_^"

@Oballer, fuck, now I have two imaginary b0nar!

Lastly, Lucky Star is awesome because of Konata Izumi. Enough said.

Seriously, you did very well with 50k plus hits. My hit numbers is very far behind you. My blog always retains some sluggish/slow atmosphere around it and the visitors rarely dramatically changes in number until recently.

Oh yeah, Congratulations!

Until recently? What changed?

Oh, I was talking about the tourney thing which occasionally gave me s spike in visitors.

Oh yeah, the tourney! You're still in it no?

hehehe, I am still in it until Star Crossed crush me, that is -_-

Malaysia represent!

Thanks Shin!

and good luck Canne.

Although I have to ask. If you win the tourney, then what?

@ klux To be honest, after I won(if I actually do) every thing goes back to normal. I does not matter that much ;)

I actually somehow stays away (yes) from some of your posts because I might stumble on a weird picture. Oh well. Congratulations on hitting the milestone!

Now that I think of it, I was surprised when I got a hit from you :D.

I think I also hit my 50k counter this month, but not that I care about it. Same as your reason >> Not that my blog is also popular back then and now.

It's a surprise though that you just reached your 50k milestone just now because you surely have a larger readership than me :P

nah you are saying those things just to make me feel better *blushes*

and I don't put up weird pictures!

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