25 January 2010

Sword of the Stranger

Original story by Bones
Director: Masahiro Ando
Animation Director: Itou Yoshiyuki
Character Design: Saito Tsunenori
Art Director: Morikawa Atsushi
Art Design: Takeuchi Shiho
Screenplay: Fumihiko Takayama
Music: Naoki Sato

Less than 5 minutes in we already have awesome bloodfest that made me go BAM! whenever someone got killed (brutally I might add but oh so awesome). I knew then that I am going to like this film very much ^__^

And right I was. The actions are non-stop. I am smiling from ear-to-ear whenever a fight starts because it promises oh so freaking awesome fighting sequences and bloodfest.

I really like the art. The animation is freaking smooth it is definitely movie-like quality. What the heck am I saying? This is a movie! duh!! But like I said, because of the smooth animation, all the actions that follow are exceptional. As for the background, it is like water-colored painting-isque. Very pretty indeed. Gotta give props to the Art and Animation directors as well as the Art Design guy. They really did a good job.

Props for the character designs too. They did an excellent job. There are plenty of characters and they don't just stand there with a blank for a face. They all have their own characterizations, even for the extras. I won't go into details about the characters except for these three:


Meet Kotarou, the very bossy kid who is on the run from the Ming. With him is Tobimaru, his loyal dog. When Tobimaru was wounded with a poison weapon, Kotarou hired Nanashi and that is how they become attached to each other. He lived in Ming (China) two years prior and now the Mings are looking for him. For what reason? That would be too spoilerish >=3

Akage/ Akaoini/ Nanashi
oh hell yeah that is blood!

A former very skillful swordman who choose not to draw his sword again. Even though he carries one around, he tied his sword so it would be VERY difficult to draw it. He met Kotarou when he accidentally came across his hiding place and saved him when the Ming attacked. When he found out that Kotarou was taken by the Ming, he does not hesitates to rescue him. By the way, the reason he doesn't want to be a soldier anymore has something to do with his background. Aye, very awful indeed. Oh did I mention that he is actually a red head? *nosebleed*


Rarou is part of the Ming mercenaries army of some sort. It was easy to recognize them since they wear the red cape. They are given the task to catch Kotarou. It has something to do with the Elixir of Immortality. Like many other skilled swordman, he always look for stronger opponent. So you pretty much can tell with who the epic battle would be. thehehe...

So what else did I miss. Oh yeah the story! I'm sure you can pretty much tell what the story is about by reading the characters' info so lets skip that part. Just know that the pace was great and they keep you guessing what is going on.

I have no complain whatsoever when it comes to the music scores. They were excellent. I remember mellowing when they played the calm music in the background and anxious as hell when it comes to the battle. They definitely play a part in setting up the mood for this movie.

You may have notice that there aren't that many screencap. That's because I was too busy drooling and spasm and squealing and FUCK EVERYTHING ELSE when I watched this. I have lost how many BAM! moments it had. Must be more than twenty, at least. Oh man, this is why I so love carnage. They promised a lot of bloodfest. Bloodfest is like... orgasm man. I just can't express with words what it does to my state of mind. Total bliss!

I watched this the second time to actually get the screencaps yet the same thing happened. It is only on the third try that I get all these screencaps, and I still got distracted. Aight, here are some of my favorite scenes. No bloodfest scene because a screencap won't do justice at how bloody awesome it was. I swear I got tears in my eyes. Oh man IT WAS BLOODY FUCKING AWESOME!

nothing says bonding like taking a pee together

They weren't doing waltz btw ^__^

I can't take my eyes off of Nanashi *nosebleed*

*ehem* So yeah, if carnage and bloodfest is your thing, don't fucking miss this.

Like Kara no Kyoukai 7, just 10 out of 10 will not do justice fort this movie. So it will get the extra stars.

art 10/10
story 10/10
sound 10/10
character 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10***


I reviewed this one sometime last year. What a wonderful anime and, of course, bloodfest. This is one of my top five anime movie of the past decade. Thinking about it now, the Chinese archer girl is still stuck in my mind. I don't know why...

I have this movie for quite a while and have been postponing for one reason or the other. I watched this on Christmas day last year and have it on my draft since then.

I'm so glad that I saw this. It is definitely on par with Kara no Kyoukai series. *thumbs up*

Alright, so never give klux a sword... *takes notes*

On par with Kara no Kyoukai? wow.

Why does this distinctly remind me of a Japanese Conan the barbarian + tegami-bachi? What with the horse-riding, badlands setting and people-slicing, the boy, a dog and his warrior escort? Maybe I should stop drawing comparisons...

Having a sword but refusing to use it by making sure it can't be drawn is pretty badass though.

This was a great Anime - I should of gotten the blu-ray, but only had a dvd player at the time.

My family has not had the chance to see it yet, so this was a great reminder for me to have it on our next movie night.

I've known about this movie for quite a while. I've known about it's bloodiness.
I've known about it's apparent greatness.

The one question I have is...

Why the FUCK haven't I watched this yet!? (stomps around room in a rage, shits in the corner)

@Ningyo, my sword kick ass. You should have seen the description. Badass.

and yeah, definitely on par with KnK in term of bloodfest. This movie reminds me of Seirei no Moribito too.

@Bluedrakon, I haven't found it in my DVD store yet. I'm definitely going to get it for my collection.

and lol, bloodfest is definitely good for family funtimes XD

@Glo the Smash Brothers (lame), clean that shit after you're done, please.

10/10 with extra stars!
Seems like a really manly anime that I need to watch.

the trailer looks bad ass with top notch animation quality, and with such high ratings i must add this to the watch list.

when did this come out? im only hearing about it now.

@yi, this is GAR indeed

@rockleelotus, this movie was aired in September 2007. I don't even know why it took me this long to actually watch it. But it is never too late.

Smash Brothers? who said that? I was clearly referencing the Hulk.


I totally didn't get that Glo. How fucking lame was I? v_v

and thank you Anon. Now I'm in the fucking mood to watch this again :D

love this movie..u r rite..the art work is awesome.. the plot is pretty simple..too much bloodshed though

too much bloodshed is good. It was one the reason why I enjoyed this movie so much. Blood is awesome. Did I mention how much I love blood? XD

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