02 May 2010

Vote for Glo because Eye Sedso

I don't have much time here. I am going to drive back to my home town that is 400km away in half and hour so this would be a short post dedicated for one of my favorite bloggers, as well as my husband, Glo the Legendary (insert any awesome word that you know here), the owner of EyeSedso.

Our wedding picture

The reason I write this post (if it isn't obvious enough) is to ask you to vote for Glo for the Aniblog Tourney that is taking place today/tomorrow (depends on your where about). You don't have to bother about his competition because obviously the owner of that blog is a loli because that's all he cares to talk about (random jab but probably true if you have seen the show he chose to blog about). We don't support loli because google said we can't.

So yeah, lets vote for Glo/EyeSedso on the next presidency election too.

p/s: while you're at it, be kind and vote for Oballer as well because he's our best man.


This post almost made me cry, instead, I came in my pants.

I'll be that guy on the roof.

I am honored to be in your wedding party. And don't worry, I'll give one awesome best man's toast.

oballer, the wedding already happened....where were you with the bachelor party? Kinda dropped the ball on that one huh?

dropped over to get my votes in time - i think O_o

oooh... yea i had a bachelor party set up to go to Mohegan.... um... instead i got really drunk and i think bobby spiked a drink. so we forgot to pick you up and go... talk about a waste of 1000 bucks

Well what the fuck? Now I'm married! You blew it. Worst best man in history.

I mean, klux has a bachelorette party, and she had 19 strippers! What the fuck dude!? I sat home alone all night.

well thats what you get for getting married before you're 30.

also if you want we can just have one this weekend. yea cuz i think okeefe will be there. or will he? yea he will.

Wait, I thought he was already here? He's not? Oh he's coming? Isn't he here though? Where's okeefe? Okeefe's not here. Isn't he here though? He's not here.

23 strippers? Shit. Did you go all male or did you mix is up and throw some bitches in there?

all male unfortunately. But I did get some yaoi action so it was awesome ^^

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