30 September 2010

K-ON! film confirmed

(c) ameiro

source: tokyohive

What the fuck are these people thinking? O_o

But it's not like I don't understand the marketing side of it. They will milk all the money they can get from this shit. They are already making tons of dough from the merchandise. With this news I made up my mind that I will not buy Alter's Ritsu (which cost a whopping MYR418). Enough is enough.

Yes, as expected this news just pissed me off. Why can't other series with an actual plot get a film? Series like Working!! Honey and Clover, Hyakko, Kannagi and many others. Why must K-ON?! What else are they going to torture us with?

The movie better have a plot for a change. Otherwise...

Pfft, who am I kidding wright?

I rage.


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