16 September 2010

Bleach: Chapter 420

Like I said in previous weeks, before we are going to see the final!Getsuga Tenshou (apparently the ultimate technique in the series) Kubo will take us back to how Ichigo obtained the technique. This is what I have been looking forward too just because I want to see Tensa.

To be completely honest, I was a tad disappointed at how it turned out. I mean, the drama kinda put me off. Though I think it was necessary in order for Ichigo to completely understand his zanpaktou. For example he noticed that Tensa only exuded sadness through his blade and he has no idea why. If he didn't learn to understand it, then all would be wasted.

The reason why I said the drama kinda meh is because I know that this is going to happen:

It was predictable.

What I didn't expect though is this!

Holy motherfucking of gawd! *squirts all over the place*

Needless to say I am in absolute bliss when I see what Ichigo has become. A combination of Tense/Hichigo/Ichigo is a total smexx!

When Ichigo becomes Getsuga he will lost all shinigami powers hence why Aizen couldn't detect any reiatsu from Ichigo. I am glad to report that it seems like the cat has finally caught Aizen's tongue for once and he did all his thinking quietly. I think Aizen just realized that Ichigo is on another level than he is at the moment.

Wait, Aizen miscalculated? Wasn't he the one who purposely allowed Ichigo to learn his ultimate technique while he leisurely playing cat and mouse with the Karakura Town's residents? LOL poor Aizen looks like his plan backfired big time. As Aizen tried hard to be in denial, Ichigo used Mugetsu.

I have to admit, after almost 5 years watching Ichigo using the same technique over and over again, I am excited to see him fighting with Mugetsu. And it looks like super powerful too. What I am wondering right now is whether or not Ichigo is capable to use his hollow power as his please or is this his ultimate transformation while using Tensa?

Also, when Tensa said that he wanted to protect Ichigo, a thought crossed my mind. What if by using the final!Getsuga Tenshou, he'll be sacrificing himself? Wouldn't that mean it is the end for Bleach? =\

Fuck no.

Oh, also, anyone else noticed the yaoi moment of Tensa and Ichigo?

Fuck yes. ^__^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


That is so damn cool!

Wow,,,great story. Thanks for sharing the link

Where do you read this? Like who scanlated it? I can't find it! DYING!

This is the thing i hate about bleach. yeah the form looks cool whatever whatever. But you honestly expect me to believe that after Aizen turned into GOD, randomly ichigo is more powerful after learning some technique? STUPID.

You know what's fun? When you write a whole comment, forget to post it, and exit the page.

Anyway, found it and am now happy. I can't see Ichigo losing his powers ever. Does that mean he wouldn't be able to see Rukia or any of them anymore? That's not happening. Not to mention Kenpachi still wants to fight him. He's gonna be pissed.

Bluedrakon Sir, I still coudln't stop squirting whenever I look at him as Getsuga. He's just that fucking hawt *sizzles*squirts*

Yeah oballer. I want to rant about the whole "I'm more powerful than God" thingy but was distracted by Getsuga and Mugetsu. Now that I have my bearing back, let just say that it was a complete cock although it was expected. Didn't I say the final!GT is supposedly the ultimate technique in Bleach? It sounds weak but Kubo doesn't care about that, does he? He take us fans as granted morons. That is why I want his dick cut off.

For how many years he has put Aizen on the pedestal, on par with God and suddenly it all means shit just because Ichigo learn a new technique which shouldn't even be relevant. I mean, if with the final!GT he can obliterate Aizen, isn't it logical that Isshin could have done the same thing? Surely Isshin has master his final!GT more than Ichigo at this point, right?

The plot is full of holes >_>

Having said that, I can't say that I'm not thrill with the development because I know Aizen must have some tricks up his sleeves. If he does not, then Kubo needs to die.

I wasn't talking about Ichigo losing his power, Glo. I was speculating if by using the final!GT, Ichigo will exhaust himself and die afterward. But yeah, the thought that he will not reunite with Rukia saddens me so I'm not gonna think about it anymore.

Kenpachi (or anyone for that matter) will get PAWNED so fucking easily if he faces Ichigo now. He's fucking powerful than God. Take that.

This chapter was awesome. I really dig Ichigo's look. He is so sexy there!!

"Oh, also, anyone else noticed the yaoi moment of Tensa and Ichigo?"
Haha yep yep.
There will probably be some BL fan art floating around soon.

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