19 April 2011

The World God Only Knows II: Episode 2

Episode 2 of The World God Only Knows II - and so Keima and Kasuga went on that cute date they were planning in the first episode. This reminds me of a Korean drama I am watching; My Friend is a Gumiho, where all the males were fawning at Miho when she's walking beside the nerdy Woong.

who are you trying to convince, Kasuga?

Since both of them have different taste so it seems like they weren't connected at all. Keima keeps getting punch in the face every time she felt embarrass and Keima being Keima just took the beating. That's as far as their connection goes. When Keima suggested they hold hands, Kasuga quickly rejected the idea although she seems really wants to. This is a good example of woman saying something else but mean something else. Ah, they are such complicated creatures. Instead of doing such things, she suggested that they should get connected on emotional level. Err... isn't that more bold than just holding hands?

no, they weren't watching porn

Anyway since Keima was too coward to protest, he suggested playing games that involved martial arts. Though Kasuga is good, she forgot that when it comes to games, no one can beat the hands of God, Keima. So that didn't go too well when Kasuga became competitive. Then they went to the movies to see Porkrasche. LOL watching Porkrasche is not something I would consider as a date. Besides, it was useless anyway since Kasuga got mad at the weak protagonist while Keima was busy playing games. After that they went to the theme park, window shopping and finally the playground.

they were watching Porkrasche *snorts*

Obviously their plan was not working but Kasuga refused to give up and was adamant to get rid of her feminine self. That's when she saw a dating couple sharing an ice-cream. Who knows that would be their biggest challenge yet and surprisingly the plan worked. Her other self got separated from her body and she challenged her for a duel. Since she's fighting with herself, there was no end to it until Keima interfered and became the punch bag (again). However he did manage to convince Kasuga to except her feminine self since it's not wrong to be strong and feminine at the same time. I don't understand how she can't think of it herself but I guess it's what the writer wants.

I'm not sure whether it's the mood, the background music or simply because I'm horny but when they were about to kiss, my heart went "thumping thumping" and I blushes like mad. LOL I'm such a fool sometimes. But yeah the problem solved with the usual kiss.

chuuu~ ♥

At the end of the episode, Haqua makes her appearance for the first time, trapping Elsie in the loose soul's bottle because she mistook her as a loose soul. Now I'm stoke for the next episode ^_^


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