14 April 2011

First Impression: Dog Days

I have no fucking clue what this show is about but once I saw the male protagonist, it took every ounce of my being not to close the player and put this aside. He looks like Naruto's dad wannabe. But since I already started watching it (for about 3 seconds), I might as well continue to see if this show is just as shitty as I expected it to be, or it would wow me with its substance. With it being a harem show, I doubt that it would bring anything special.

There goes me with my enthusiasm again >_>

Thankfully that the male protagonist is not the only male around. There are plenty of other hot bishies in the show that makes me less angry with the harem. Funny though that only significant characters got to have proper face, otherwise they all look like they are being clone by the fugliest machine ever invented. Because of this, you can't take the fight seriously. Even more so when they turned to cat when defeated. I mean, what the fuck? Where is the fucking blood?

At first the show take place somewhere that looks like a magical land where war to conquer is taking place. One of the key player in the said war is a Lady Leonmichelle, the leader of the Gallete Knights who reminded me of Saber for no reason at all, and slightly of Eucliwood Hellscythe. At least she looks like she can kick some serious ass compared to the princess of Biscotti whom she plan to defeat. Her name is Millhiore by the way. Sounds mighty retarded.

The same can be said about Shinku, the male protagonist who looks like a total useless tool. He's from earth by the way and by some freak accident (but not really) got transported to the republic of Biscotti. The reason why he was summoned is because Millhiore thought a tool can be on par with Leonmichelle. The stupidity of this show is unbelievable. For example, in the middle of this stupid war, they have a sport casting and some sort of a game show! Jeebus what were they trying to achieve with this show, I wonder?

Urgh, I can't watch this shit till the end. Even the seiyuus don't sound very convincing. I will be honest, I am slightly disappointed with Mamoru's performance in this one. I'm dropping it.

arts & animation 4/10
story 2/10
characters 4/10
sound 3/10
enjoyment 1/10
overall 3/10


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