21 January 2011

First Impression: Level E

From the preview, I was immediately taken by Level E because of the promise of bishounen. Besides, from the synopsis, it make this show sounds kind of unique and unique usually works for me. So without further adieu, let's do this.

The OP makes me snap my fingers in rhythm. I like it straight away. The music video for the OP is pretty neat too. I am certainly getting a good first impression from this one and definitely getting the Man In Black vibes.

Yep, definitely MIB, even the comedy are that of manzai. I lol'd which mean the show has successfully create a likable protagonist who is a baseball ace who went to Conan on scholarships. That's where he met Ki El, an alien who just crash-landed not too far away. Maybe it's true that alien are more intelligent than us human being because he possessed a witty sense of humor just from few hour of learning our language and such.

But it wasn't all about being funneh. This show has a good pace which makes the story telling seems flawless. It's telling a story without having to spell it out bluntly. I like that. It still has plots and the premise has been set in this episode. At the moment, as expected, it focuses more on Ki El and I actually was quite surprised when he revealed his true self to Yukitaka. That thing was fugly, man.

The animation was good. I'm glad that the OP sequence weren't just for show. I'm mostly impressed with the character designs and appropriately so since this is in my opinion a character driven show. I was so used with anime person looks like an anime character that I found it kinda refreshing to see that Pierrot didn't do the same with Level E. The characters feel real and relate-able.

While the OP grabs my attention almost instantly, the ED was more generic but with catchy visual-kei song. However it still has the creative animation to accompany it. The characters sound like they should, even the disturbing howl of the alien. As for the BGM, it was cleverly paced and only played when a change of mood is required.

Level E presented an interesting idea and is made with capable scriptwriter, solid animation studios, and seemingly high budget. It seemingly has the right ingredients for a great series, and so far it's off to a great start. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that they will keep this up. I'm happy to say that Level E has met and maybe exceeded my expectation. Granted it wasn't a high expectation but still I was impressed. Also, I'm looking forward for Ki El and Yukitaka fanarts =P

Arts & Animation 8/10
Story 8/10
Character 8/10
Sound 8/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 8/10


'Twas a funny, funny first episode. I think it may contain my new favourite alien. Those puppets were pretty hardcore.

Ah yes the puppets. I thought that they were his actual hands transformed since you know, he's an alien and all that ^^"

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