22 April 2011

First Impression: Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist is the only anime that I look forward to the most because of two factors. Factor number one is the fact that I have read the manga back when I was a manga whore so I know what to expect and I expect greatness because the story is fucking awesome (though I have forgotten most about it). The other factor, if you have not guess it yet, is the fact that A-1 Pictures is the one producing this show.

I am three things: anime tard, Sugita slut and A-1 Pictures' whore. Explain a lot, doesn't it? LOL


As expected from A-1 Pictures, the start of the anime puts me at the edge of my seat where a bunch of priests praying to protect the Assiah but one by one they were burned to crisp. But this show is not about them, this show is about the twin Rin and Yukio Okumura who have opposite personalities. Yukio is the smart and obedient one while Rin is the rebel who always gets into trouble.

The Abbey where Rin and Yukio live provides exorcism but Rin doesn't believe in ghost and demon until he saw one himself. That's the beginning of his adventure. Little did he know that he's the offspring of Satan. The day he learned that, he also saw Father did his exorcism and finally he was told the truth about himself. Now that the demon knows where and who he is, Rin will be hunted down. Shit is about to get real people!

Fuck, I'm soaked.

Ao no Exorcist is not all serious shit. It plays with emotions too. When Rin was embarrassed in front of Father, I feel my cheeks heat up as well. And then there were the clumsy side of Rin that made me chuckled. He's cute like that. The same goes for Yukio. I can really feel his concern for Rin and I can't wait to see him playing his role in this whole premise. Gah, twinsome is awesome.


I dunno who Nobuhiko is since I'm not familiar with his previous works but since he does Rin so well, I better look out for him the next time I watch an anime. Yukio is voiced by Jun Fukuyama who is famous for his role as Lelouch so Yukio kinda has that kind of charisma. The rest of the cast will definitely makes this show a huge success, like Hiroshi Kamiya and Kana Hanazawa who are yet to make their appearance. Both the OP and ED are outstanding. Uverworld, whom I know and come to like thanks to Bleach, does the OP and since I learned that 2PM is singing the ED, the conceited old me like it right away. Credits to the music director as well for the appropriate BGM.

There is no need to sing my praises to A-1 Pictures for the great art and animation. It was expected of them and once again, they delivered. It was flawless. The character designs are just like that of the originals and the backgrounds were very detailed. To say that I'm impressed is an understatement. Thank you A-1 Pictures for not disappointing me this time around.

I'm going to recommend this show to everyone not just because I am a biased fucker but also because I think great anime ought to be shared. I already have friends that I can spazz to so that just makes watching it even more enjoyable. Love. Love. Love.

art & animation 10/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10


Great first episode really great animation and that blue fire truly amazing stuff right there!

Hopefully this can be a huge hit :P

Ano Hana has great emotion. Ao no Exorcist has solid story and awesome animation. These two will be a huge hit for me, at least.

Holy shit 10/10 on everything huh? I'd probably give it the same, this show rocks.....still, that's intense.

I'm a biased fucker but I think this first episode deserved that full mark.

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