22 April 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 2

This episode covers the other two friends of Menma. Continuing from the first episode, Jintan told Poppo about Menma and Poppo simply accepted that fact by believing every words that came out from Jinta's mouth. By the way, it seems like Popo is living in that club house they made when they were kids, what's with all his stuff in that place. Despite his looks, he has been around the world, living his simple life and will only used the club house when he's back in Japan. Just like Jintan, but not quite like him, he quit school and I assumed do odd jobs to afford the trip. He's still happy go lucky like he was back in the days. Since he believed Jinta, he's helping him figuring out what promise did Jinta made to Menma. The best he can do was remembering the rare Nokemon (lol troll) that Menma really wanted back then.

At the other side of the town, Anaru was out with two of her bitchy friends who were talking shit about Jinta or also known as the loser or the hikikomori. I am glad to see that Anaru still defends Jinta in her subtle ways unfortunately her two bitchy friends have selected hearing problems. Anaru didn't realized she was sitting besides Tsururu until that childhood friend of hers stormed off looking mighty pissed. Clearly these two haven't spoken to each others in years. Tsururu definitely acted all snobbish towards Anaru. She wants us to believe that she's the least affected person among that group of kid by Menma's death. Heh, but we knew better or at least I do, having to experience such loss myself. It's something that will always there, at the back of your mind.

I feel you. I missed my day as a hikikomori

Tsururu was right about Anaru though. She did want to be like Menma, quite possibly because she likes Jinta and Jinta likes Menma. You always want to be the girl that your man likes. It's only natural. I bet she has at least once thought that since Menma is gone now, she would have a chance with Jinta. Once again, even though such feelings seem cruel to the dead person, it is only natural to feel that way. Consequently it will makes you feel guilty and embarrassed about yourself, even more so if the person we like came to know about it and/or spurred the incident that claim the life of a friend. I can just imagine the feeling of guilt that burdens Anaru all these time. Poor girl.

Anaru then met with Jinta at the store she works at. Jintan was looking for the rare Nokemon Gold that Poppo reminded him about. I wish there were more interactions between these two but it was done just right. It would be awkward to suddenly being chit-chatty when you haven't talk to one another properly for over how many years.

Menma went around town by herself having nowhere to go as Jintan waited for her to come back to show her the game he had bought for her. He still doesn't believe that she's a ghost though. He conveniently used his theory of his stress creating hallucination of her. Some people are just that dense. And since he likes having her around, he decided that he still has plenty of time to apologize. Also, I want to smack both his and Poppo's heads. It just doesn't make sense however way you look at it that a ghost/dead person came back for a video game, no matter how fucking rare it was.

though they are still thankful of the effort

The next day, Poppo met with Yukiatsu who was actually thinking about Menma while he jogged. Poppo told him what Jintan had told him yesterday. It was clear that Yukiatsu was green with envy and maybe even hates Jintan because even in her death, she seeks Jintan instead of him. But he did tell Poppo about the Nokemon game though and I assumed insisted that Poppo don't mentioned his name to Jintan. Aww... that's cute of him ♥

All these build ups were ruined momentarily by the fact that Menma took a shower and tempting Jintan just by wearing a bath towel. I facepalmed. Hard. I hate this kind of scenes because the turns out will always be the same fucking cliche embarrassment sort of shit. Get over it fast please!

urgh cheap shot

And thank goodness Poppo showed up. He and Jintan went to Anaru's place and we got to learn that despite her look, Anaru is quite an otaku. She has these stack of boxes full of games and cards. You see Kirino, you can learn a few things from Anaru. Anyway, since Menma ran into Anaru and Tsururu having a fight yesterday, she didn't want to be in the same room as Anaru at first because she thought that it would make Anaru sad but Jintan won't hear any of that and dragged her in. When he took Menma's hand, my heart tugged. I feel the intimacy of friendship these two shared and I can see why Yukiatsu and Anaru felt like they were a third wheel. That feeling sucks and hurts like hell.

The four of them spent their afternoon in Anaru's room and after such a long time of not seeing and talking to each other, this is quite a change. The best thing about it is the fact that they don't feel awkward around each other anymore except when the situation warrants it. It's like Menma said, they do not change at all in the inside.

Except maybe for the creepy Yukiatsu who smells dead people's clothes. Or maybe in a sense he too doesn't change at all. Jeebus

Having seen this episode (and what a good one this is), I think Anaru is wearing my shoes when it comes to her feelings towards Jintan. It's not like I like Jintan but there is someone in real life who I have similar feelings for. I can totally relate to her. For example when she blushed when their elbows met... argh that was frustrating!

the fucking gap! KILL IT!


Definitely a good episode. There are some weird fanservice moments, like the towel as you mention, and also the beginning of episode 1, but hopefully they won't overshadow what so far looks like very real emotional content.

I don't usually write this much for an episodic review but Ano Hana just brought up all these emotions that made me pour my heart in my writing as well. I love the experience

Ah.....I hope Jintan and Anaru get together, they're quite cute together >_<

But yea, this episode was awesome, and I love the little moments. So touching >_<

You bring up a good point about Yukiatsu bringing up Pokemon for Poppo, I guess he's not as stuck up as he's shown. He probably is just affected as much as Jintan, but is coping in a totally different way. Instead of egging up like a hikkikomori (Jintan), he's egging up his relationships to his past.

agree. AnaruxJintan is definitely my OTP for this show.

I suspect that Yukiatsu is a totally invert person when it comes to his feelings. Losing Menma must be hard on him but since he acted all snobbish and holier than thou no one knew that he's suffering inside. At least with Jintan, we knew that he's not okay what with him not going to school and such.

I sympathize with Yukiatsu. I'm sure if he hears that I would be the subject of his hate.

I'm liking this show, I like how they're all brought back together by the girl who was the heart of the group...although it seems kind of unreal that they were all affected by it. A couple of my friends acted cold and indifferent to a similar incident, although I didn't see them that much after it. I don't think they'd all individually care so much, although it makes for a nice story.

Then again this is Japan where group identity is much stronger.

Well, Tsururu acted indifferent about it though I think she's badly affected as well. Can't wait to see what her deal is.

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