05 January 2011

First Impression: Rio: Rainbow Gate!

This is the ecchi pachinko goddess anime that I absolutely have no interest whatsoever to watch but since I'm in a bad mood and has nothing better to do besides the mounting paperwork, I might as well check this out and be glad that I've been proven right about how shitty this anime is.

Let's get started.

The story is about Rio who everyone calls the Goddess of Victory. Stupid nickname but whatever. Everyone who meets her will have the luckiest day at the casino so she's very popular. She'll help her customer (I assumed different customer each week) through games. Then there's Mint, she's the customer for this episode. Mint met Rio and was obviously smitten by her. At the same time, there's this kidnapper who aimed Mint but with Rio around, she doesn't have to worry. I write this 5 minutes in. That's how predictable this shit is.

It wasn't even logical. I know casino will try to prevent people from winning. That's how they make their money. It's illogical for them to adore Rio like that since she's causing everyone to win. Stupid anime with stupid plot this is.

The characters were boring as fuck. Even the female protagonist, Rio. It was a torture. They don't look lively at all. The background music was too fucking cliche and the seiyuus did nothing to make the characters stand out or have a character of their own. It was all too fucking blah.

I couldn't finish this shit without me raging so I quit half through. What a crap. This belongs to the "anime shit" list. I take my anime seriously.

art & animation 3/10
story 1/10
characters 2/10
sound 2/10
enjoyment 1/10
overall 1/10


>First impression

Note lack of 's' at end.

I have to watch this now to see how shitty it is...

You know, I was going to write something witty about this show's poor quality being a deep critique of the fan service genre, but, meh, it's not really worth that much effort. Garbage.

Thanks Valence for the correction. Shit now I have to edit all my post for first impressions. Gah fuck that. I'm too lazy :P

The ecchi fans will be greatly disappointed. Even the fan services are almost non-existent. Rubbish.

I actually have an anime shitlist. I still plan on watching these shows in my search for a rating of 1. Could this be it!?

Well, I dunno about you but this is the first ever anime that got the rating of 1 from me. There's nothing good about this shit. I dunno why the production team even bother. Seriously, can someone enlightens me?

Wow, such a low first impression. I'm definitely going to hold off on watching this for now then.

wise decision, Yi.

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