23 April 2011

First Impression: Deadman Wonderland

I don't read the manga although I really want to but since I can't afford to spend my time with any manga (except Bleach) nowadays, I am really look forward to see the anime. I have heard and even been forced to read the original so that's why I have high hope for this one. This is only a 12 episodes show though. I wonder if the pace will be too fast. I hope Manglobe doesn't ruin the original with the adaptation.

To be honest, I have no idea what this show is all about. I avoided spoilers because I know even the slightest shit will ruin the show for me. Thank goodness the synopsis didn't tell you much either so imagine how fucking wet I was when I found out how bloody and gore this show is. FUCK FAPPING YES!

what a sight ^_^

Imagine your friends were killed in front of your eyes. Imagine waking up to corpses and ruined class. That's what Ganta, our protagonist, has to deal with. If that's not bad enough, he was accused of mass murdering the 29 students in his class and sentence to death. Well, the evidences were all against him, after all which just made this show that more interesting though it was clear that he was framed and someone wants him dead. That someone is the antoganist, Tamaki. He is the warden of Deadman Wonderland, a prison that is also a theme park, where Ganta was sent to. That's where he met Shiro, a mysterious albino girl who possesses inhuman physical abilities. I guess the more time you spent in Deadman Wonderland, the more adapt you'll become. Shit, I'm all stoke now when I saw the inmates eating candy. Fuck, now I want some too.

Ganta actually met the guy who killed his classmate. He called him the Red Guy and that dude left a souvenir for him in his chest. Now he too possesses super power.


The details in the animation are great. The slow motion in certain scenes captured the essence of what the story was trying to convey to the audience and since more often than not we are seeing things from Ganta's perspective, it gave us the sense of embodiment with the character. Manglobe didn't skim with the budget. When characters look scared, they look like they were just about to piss in their pantsu. Sure they missed some here and there but all is forgiven because the overall result is awesome. If only they don't fucking censored it too much. God dammit.

I recognized Kana Hanazawa's voice immediately. That's how big of an impact she made as Nessa. But yeah, the cast of seiyuu for this show is great. I have no complain at all. Having said that I still don't understand why they hire Paku Romi as Ganta. Why not hire a male for the job? Ah little details...

It's official. I am a fan of Deadman Wonderland now. No wonder my friends were forcing this one down my throat. I am definitely going to read the manga now. Screw work and time. My worries were unfounded. Thank you Manglobe for adapting this.

arts & animation 9/10
story 10/10
characters 9/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10


Ahhh deadman! so good this first episode was addicting and set up the story quite well, Ganta looks so much like Renton off Eureka7 thou hahaha other than that wow that blood attack so awesome


lol, I thought "Nessa!" when I heard her too! I'm not good with seiyus and such though haha.

Don't slack off too much, but at the same time, have fun reading Deadman Wonderland! I know I always do XDDD


@Foshiizzel, Ganta is very average for a protagonist. At times he's boring too but as long as this show can provide blood and gore, I won't be too nitpick about it.

@Vivi, So far there are only two female seiyuus that I recognize. They are Aya Hirano and Kana Hanazawa. For the later, it was all thanks to her work as Nessa. I am planning to read the manga this weekend but work once again got in the way and on top of that I have cake orders that I need to complete. Jeebus phailed.

@Glo, it seems like Spring is saving the best for last.

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