18 April 2011

First Impression: [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

As far as I know, a lot of people (read: anime nerds) really look forward to this show. I know I am simply because this one is featured in the noitaminA time slot. That's how big noitaminA influences is on my preference. I mean, I completed Fractale, didn't I?

The start of the show is definitely attention grabbing. I was sitting at the edge of my sit for the first two minutes because I simply don't have a fucking clue what to expect. I purposely didn't read the synopsis or any spoilers so to be honest I was kind of lost at first before the plot slowly sinking in.


This is a show about money and have everything to do with money. Those with money triumph, those who are not... well either they get defeated and then jumped off in front of the train or simply be a loser for the rest of his mortgaged life. Players (usually those who in dire needs of money) are chose at random and is offered as an entrepreneur at "The Financial District". All they have to do in exchange is giving them their future (which pretty much spells out their life in fine prints if they bothered to read the contract that is). When they want to withdraw money, they have to travel to another dimension where somewhat magical creatures will be their weapon against their opponent. Win the game and you get the money. Otherwise your life is shortened.

It is just like the title suggested really. You exchange your future/life/soul for the money which mean you are letting go the ability to have control over the possibility of your future/life/soul (I am totally making this shit up). You're pretty much fucked up unless you are smart and win them back.

Kimimaro Yoga is the protagonist who is very diligent, working two jobs to get honest money. This also means, he is the right candidate to be the for the next entrepreneur. Masakaki could possibly be the most interesting character in this show. He reminded me of Johnny Depp because of his wacky personality. You can tell that he's cunning and will stab you in the back if given the chance. He managed to convince Kimimaro and thus that poor kid fall into the hands of the greedy.

the characters

Though the story is engaging, I still feel like it is lacking something. It is in the middle of the episode that I realized that I was expecting something that blow my mind away in term of it's art and animation. Maybe I am just too used of the idea that noitaminA anime will usually brings something different to the table. Err... actually it does. Kinda but not really.They still provide visual fest with vibrant colors (when in the Financial District), interesting camera angles and massive use of 3D effects. I was just being too picky because that isn't really my thing (the 3D). However at times, the characters look so fucking rigid it was as if they are saving on frames. Also the character designs are just too average. Maybe the production studio aimed to win the heart of the audiences through the story/plot instead of brilliant arts and animation.

Fortunately for them, it works or at least it managed to keep us on our toes and made us curious. Curiosity is good because that means we will tune in for the next episode. Having said that, I'm not entirely convinced yet.

arts & animation 7/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8/10


The type of mindblown I was expecting, did not happen; however, Masakaki sure got more than my attention. I can only hope this picks up.

I feel kinda cheated to be honest because i was expecting greatness. And Masakaki is the only character that made this first episode entertaining and worth watching for.

Whatever Kyokai just said.

It didn't fully meet my expectations, but it does manage to wet my appetite.

Like you said, curiosity is its lifeblood at this point and its enough to keep me wanting more. I just hope they sort out that horrible quality control, cos some shots look downright budget.

I ended up watching it multiple times (for blogging purposes mainly), and by the third or so watch, it really grew on me and now I can't wait for next week. But it didn't make much of an impact the first time.

I agree it's missing something--right now imo, it has mostly flat characters and a bit of a pretentious script. Still, I've got high hopes it'll take off soon. :D

@Bass, i never heard of the production studio before so maybe this is a low budget anime but then again some shot were extravagant. They need to find the balance, in my opinion.

@Renn, I don't think I can watch this more than once. And I usually write my (inconsistent) episodic blog in one watch so perhaps that's why i missed most of the details :P

@tzrz, whatever I just said XD

Masakaki also made me think of Johnny Depp xD Haha

The animation didn't blow me away either.... but I'd prefer crappy animation with impressive stories over godly animation with stupid stories. Ehehe.

like Hanasaku Iroha? but like I said the plot hasn't convinced me yet and if anything I think Masakaki is the sole reason why I found this show a tad good. without him the show would have nothing to boast about.

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