17 April 2012

Avatar: The Legend of Korra - Episode 2

Tenzin is finally going to teach Korra airbending, an element that Korra struggles to master the most. She was having a hard time just like when Aang trying to master the earth-bending. As expected, with her personality, learning it is definitely a challenge.

Korra is interested in a bending show, something that is similar to our own wrestling shows I guess but with bending. Of course, Tenzin won't allow her to watch or even listen to that show and concentrates on mastering air bending. Korra being Korra, she would never listen to anyone but her own reckless brain so she sneak out from the island and go to the arena.

Though I disagree with what she is doing, I am highly agreeable at the same time too because this presents an opportunity for her to meet other character, and in this case, Mako. Yes, needless to say I am pretty stoke about him. He is just couple of letters away from Zuko and he fire-bends as well. I think I found my love for The Legend of Korra ^__^

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MAKO IS HOT AS FUCK! Though of course not as hot as Zuko in season 3 of Avatar: The Last Airbender ♥

And holy shit, I am thankful that Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko decided to include the fight between two teams in the arena because it was juts amazing. I didn't know I missed element bending so much until I saw Mako and his team mates went up against their opponent. It was save to say that I fap my whole way through it =D

Well, if Korra is not worthy enough for me to enjoy the show, Mako is definitely worth it!

I can't wait to hear his story now. Korra? Oh well, we all know how it is going to end for her either way.

Anyway, Korra is learning a few tricks from Mako and his brother, Bolin. I am happy to report that Mako isn't exactly impressed with the fact that she is an avatar. She keeps returning to the arena in secret but this obviously does nothing to her air-bending training. In fact, she has become rather an asshole, blaming everyone but herself. I am definitely losing my patience with her. She needs a kick in the ass pronto! Even more so when she joins Mako's team in the tournament.

That was just going too far in disrespecting Tenzin. But of course, she's our protagonist and she will do good eventually and this happens in the ring with Tenzin witnessing everything. So that's how, ladies and gentlewomen, Korra first learn air-bending.

I'm still bored. Both by Mako and Korra.

Yes, I changed my mind that fast.

I was hoping Mako to be a fraction like Zuko but he's just too straight and no fun at all.


She'll end up with Bolin I tell ya .. now that's a match right there ... funny guy, positive reinforcement, ... doesn't look like Edward from twilight ... see many reasons Bolin > Mako

sheesh. is she really any more reckless or disrespectful than aang? I guess she is so more frequently, but she's done nothing that we haven't seen aang do before. if not for her more aggresive personality she'd practically be aang, if you ask me.

...which could be a flaw. I mean Bolin IS sokka. Take any of his lines(like the ones when he finds out korra is the avatar for instance) and imagine sokka saying them. Fits PERFECTLY.

Yeah at the moment Bolin is definitely more entertaining than Mako. But is he the next Sokka? Me do not want.

Before you get on my case, Rogue, maybe you should know that I was never a fan of Aang. This is exactly how I always whined about Aang too. Forgive me but that is just how I feel.

Korra >>>> Ang.

Korra is the shit I support all of her decisions. She's going to kick some serious ass later in the show I can tell (she's got a bad-ass streak.....I can't WAIT till she eventually cries! [it happens I saw it in the preview!!!])

I had a feeling you'd like Mako.

Korra is bad ass because she can seriously kicks some ass. I love that about her. It's empowering. I just don't like her attitude is all... too much Aang.

Mako needs an edge for me to really like him.

This is when I question whether or not you even liked the first show at all...I mean, was Zuko just a lust object for you and you thought everything else was awful?

Avatar has beautiful art, an incredibly creative universe, good music, and loveable characters. It also has absolutely no clue what subtle means. The charcters can be simple in their emotions and stupid in their actions, exspecially if it might help advance the plot. Cheap tactics like that are why I call it a kid's show. It's the best damn kid's show ever made, but it does NOT have depth or complexity to challenge an adult mind. Of course when most of TV is mindless crap like Law and Order or "reality" shows, a grade A kid's cartoon can often be the best thing available. American TV just sucks.

Korra's biggest drawback is her being the Avatar.
In the original series, I liked Katara the most because she could only bend water but somehow pulled off endless streak of awesome water tricks.
But in Korra's case, I know she will eventually be able to bend anything...it's less exciting that way -_-

@Chester, you know I love the first show to death. Just because I don't like certain characters doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it. The plot was great, especially towards the end. Just thinking about it makes me wanna fap.

What you said there Rogue. I never see it term it as a kid show though... more like an anime for me, of which I take seriously. Like... really.

Good point there Canne. Now that I think about it, it is kinda boring knowing that she can do /anything/. I mean, Toph can do metal bonding at one point just like Katara can bend blood. That extra edginess might be what's lacking (or not lacking in the Avatar's case). I rolled my eyes when she's in that tournament and eventually help the team wins. It was all textbook >_>

What's the song where Korra is bending air in the pro-bending arena and it starts right when she regains her balance? I know it's not one of the main songs in the Track Team with a name, but it sounds like Main Theme; I'm absolutely positive it isn't though, just sounds similar. Please, please help! I'm begging you, I can't stop listening to that scene because of the song; love it!

Sorry buddy, but I can't help you out on this one.

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