19 April 2011

X-Men: Episode 3

Cyclops told the rest of the X-Men that Emma Frost was the one who made Jean lost her mind back before she incinerated. Now, even Wolverine has turned into an emo slob as well. Oh god, Jean is dead! Fucking leave her behind and move the fuck on, you fuckin' woozies!

"Says the enemy", Cyclops snickered.

Emma Frost denied that she has anything to do with the fight involving Jean year ago. She claimed that she has already left the Inner-Circle by that time. Turns out she was hired by Hisako's parent in order to teach Hisako using her power properly and that was how she was captured as well.

It bothers me that they were chit-chatting in the enemy's lair without the slightest sense of being in danger. For example, obviously there are CCTV otherwise how the fuck did the U-Men watched their every moves but the X-Men were oblivious. That is until they were locked from the outside as the U-Men decided that it was a good opportunity to collect even more data.

It was another boring fight for me as the cyborgs weren't really a match for the X-Men. The fight lasted for less than a minute. Good thing is, Emma doesn't sugar-coating anything for Hisako. She's good at what she does. These kids need to know what they are up against so they could prepare themselves for the future.

Somebody is crazy...

In the mean time, Professor X was trying to reach the X-Men and failing so he used Cerebro. He saw the one kid that he couldn't read his mind and a woman. I am no sure who they are though.

The X-Men proceed and had finally caught on the enemy's plan so they took another route where they can't be monitored and suppressed. They went into the operation room where the doc was waiting for them. They were so easily captured, it was embarrassing to watch. Lucky for them though that Hisako decided to use her power (ability to create armor from her mind's energy) and single-handedly defeat the mad doctor. She might lose to the power in the process but Emma helped her gained control of it. This kinda explained that she was actually trying to save Jean not instigated her. But of course Cyclops won't believe her.

By the way they were so easy going, the enemy got away. One of them even came back to blast Hinako to smithereens. But they did manage to save the other mutant kids.

Wait a minute. This show is about X-Men, isn't it but why the fuck are they so useless?


A bit of a blah episode, I thought. The whole "You have to believe in yourself!" thing when Hisako couldn't control her powers was just so cheesy. XD

agree. The pace is poor too. Too many talks and less action

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