26 April 2011

The World God Only Knows II: Episode 3

I like Haqua the first time I saw her in the last episode of TWGOK last season. She will have to prove herself to me in this episode, that me liking her is not a coincident, that my judgement on character is still impeccable.

Haqua is totally different than the useless Elsie. She's the chief division for... whatever I can't remember. The important fact here is she's a chief, first class public servant and in check with her surroundings. She knows that she's awesome. She reminds me of me. LOL so humble. She might acts all mighty but the truth is she's not doing so well with collecting souls. In fact, Elsie is doing much better than her which is just wrong.

so modest

As usual, Keima doesn't give a flying fuck who Haqua is. He's just too engross with his game to pay any attention to another demon. He's cool sometimes and I don't blame him. Elsie has done nothing but caused him troubles. Another demon would mean double the trouble. Besides, he got to kiss so many pretty girls without doing much so why is Haqua any different?

look at those sexy lips

Haqua on the other hand totally underestimating Keima. She learned very quickly though that Keima is very perceptive when he blown her secret (without Elsie knowing it, of course). He saw right through her every lies.

Keima used to bully Elsie so I am quite surprised that he let Haque bullied him. Is he warming up to her? Gah, there I go making assumptions and letting my imagination runs wild again. This is the episode where Haqua is being properly introduced after all.

signs of tsudere-ness

So in this episode, Keima teamed up with Haqua to capture the demon that was loose. If they didn't hurry, the demon will reincarnate as the person's offspring and then it will be too late. For the first time, the loose soul did not reside in a girl's body. It manifested itself into something hideous and took over the school theater.

And thus it will continue in the next episode where I believe Haqua will tell Elsie the truth and managed to redeem herself by capturing the loose soul. I want to see her falling for Keima for whatever reason. I'm sure that would makes this show even more interesting. Forbidden love is always good. Even more so when Haqua is such a tsundere.

Conclusion: I still like Haqua.


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