21 April 2011

Bleach: Chapter 445

Since Tsukishima destroyed the tank, Ichigo and Jackie are back to normal though Ichigo is still clad in his shikakusho a.k.a his full-bring. Make sense though since even her bankai manifested in that manner, along with the change of his sword.

Tsukishima didn't wait for an invitation to attack Ichigo when all of a sudden Chad interfered. For whatever reason he doesn't want Ichigo to find out that the dude is Tsukishima. It was a foolish decision on Chad's side but then again, he always ended up looking stupid anyway. The explosion destroyed part of the club house and now the neighbors are curious. It was funny as fuck though because he was trying to hide the fact that Tsukishima was the one who attacked Inoue and Ishida but he was the one who blurted it out.

Why is Chad still around again?

Consequently Ichigo went emotionally and attacked Tsukishima confidently. It was expected. Interestingly though his zanpaktou/sword is also part of his shikakusho. He used his right hand as sword in an attack. He failed to do any harm to Tsukishima though despite the fact that he kinda has mastered his full-bring quite a lot. Actually that's a lie. To someone stupid like Chad it might seemingly looked that way but to the eyes of someone with experience, Tsukishima knew that his full-bring is still lacking a lot. Obviously Tsukishima was just playing with him and the only reason for the attack was just to check him out.

Thankfully Ginjou finally interfered. Hopefully we get to see these two seniors in full-bring fight it out in the next chapter instead of Tsukishima chasing Ichigo around, toying with him. Then again, I predict more boring dialogues.

Gah, where are the shinigami? :(

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


"Why is Chad still around again?"
That's a great question. I've been wondering about that since he lost in Soul Society.

he;s a totally useless character and I hate his character design. he seems out of place

well, that finally explains ALOT! i always wondered just what his powers really were. it made no sense that everyone always had some cool thing along with power. like aizen had that cool hypono thing going on, so i always wondered when ichigo was going to get his extra cool power thing. nope just raw power.

Hmm... come to think of it, it does explains a lot. I always assumed that his bankai and his hollow form are somewhat the measuring stick of his power until that one conversation he had with Unohana.

Suddenly he seems incredibly sexy knowing that all he has is raw power.

Shinigami? In Bleach of the new decade? Silly Klux, this is the Ichigo show! No time for those bit characters. =P
Kubo's a moron...

I have nightmare whenever I think of the possibilities that the shinigami will be neglected until this arc is finally over with. That might take up to one year O_o

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