25 April 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 2

I come in my pantsu every time someone mentioned Ao no Exorcist. I am just that big of a fan after what I saw in my first impression post. Awesome shit is awesome. But enough me fapping and lets get on with episode 2 of this show.

Now that Rin knows he's the son of Satan, his friends and family suddenly decided that they should pay him a visit but they all have ill intent towards him which is why Father Fujimoto is protecting him the best he can. His new found friends and family consist of ghouls, apparition of monsters and of course demons. Nice. Though that's only on his father's side of the family.

Shiratori, the dude who was possessed and exorcised by Father Fujimoto in the last episode, well... he's still around and Astaroth has come back to possess him again. Man, Rin's family must have missed him so much. They ran amok at the Abbey but since it is gated by holy water and chants, they couldn't break in.

Father Fujimoto knew that they can't last very long from the attack so he prepared Rin for battle. He gave Rin the Kurikara, the Demon-Slaying Blade. Nice of him to remind Rin that the sword is more important than his life. I guess it made sense since Rin's demonic powers are concealed away in it's scabbard. What doesn't make sense is the fact that Rin can never draw it out or his demonic powers will awaken and he will never be human again. Heh, but we all knew that he would sooner or later. That's just Rin.

and Rin did ask a valid question. If he's a demon, then Yukio should be one too, right? No, because Yukio's body was too weak when they are in the wombs so the power rejected him and went only for Rin. It is also valid that all these information gets to him, otherwise it would be too illogical for him to calmly accept everything.

Yes. Yes, you are

Unfortunately for him, he can't be emo for too long before Astaroth drove a lorry straight inside the Abbey cancelling of the barrier they made. He's very determined to bring Rin back to Gehenna. Though Father Fujimoto told Rin to fucking hide himself, of course he wouldn't listen. Instead he chose to have a selected hearing ability and only hear what he wanted to hear.

He must kicked himself in the ass if he can, I bet, when Father Fujimoto was possessed right after that. It's even worst when he was possessed by Rin's father of all demons. and thus ends Father's life trying to save Rin. Jeebus what a traumatic experience this is for a normal human being. Luckily Rin isn't one and as expected he drew the sword out and close the Gehenna's gate. It's too late to do anything about Father Fujimoto though.

I cried~

Rin did call Father Fujimoto's best friend after his funeral and guess who showed up if none other than Johny Depp. He's can't wait to get rid of Rin since he's awakened as a demon now but Rin surprised him when he said he wants to be an exorcist too. The irony.

Like Pheles said, it would be a difficult path for Rin but that what make this show oh so much interesting. Fuck I can't wait for next episode where Yukio will play a bigger role, and the introduction of many other fappable characters. There is so much in store for us fans!



This show is so awesome. I'm a real sucker for pure shounen goodness, and this fits the bill nicely. I don't know if it's going to be as good as FMA or Brotherhood, but I'm really happy to be along for the ride anyway.

Johnny Depp seems to be appearing in a lot of anime this season. :P

this is the show that i will not be afraid of recommending to anyone. Pure bliss.

johnny depp is pretty popular in Japan, nowadays XD

This show is so goooood! Being a manga reader, I love it how they have handled this. The OP and ED weren't as epic as I was expecting but still good enough.

OP and ED do not play that big of a role for me personally in judging an anime, except maybe when it's too damn annoying to listen to. but you're right, this show is made of excellent goodness

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