28 April 2011

X-Men: Episode 4

Hopefully this episode will be much better than the pussy piece of shit we last saw. I know Madhouse can do it. Episode 1 and 2 were decent, weren't they? *crosses fingers*

Emma Frost was attacked by some kind of weapon by the mad doctor that caused her to underwent a secondary mutation, or in mutant scientific term, Deamon Hall Syndrome where a certain emotion triggered the mutation causing them to lost control of their power and go berserk.

glittering semen?

I still want to post the question that has been bugging me since the last episode though: how can the X-Men be so incompetent? Did they simply left the mad doctor in there free to do whatever the fuck he wants? Or at least, make sure that he has fucking died before you went around reporting to Charles that everything is A-Okay.

Because it was not bloody fucking okay. The mad doctor went amok even before the saved mutant children got a chance to drive away. Their lives were in back danger thanks to the X-Men negligence. Once again Hisako stepped up and kick the mad doctor's plate steel ass. Wolverine finished him off. He always got the easy part >_>

No, Wolverine. Everybody just hated your face more

Since the crisis is over for the time being, they will go back to New York. Beast planned to bring along Emma for examination but obviously Scott was against the idea. Unfortunately for him, majority wins. The rest of the X-Men believes that Emma was telling the truth. When Hisako learned that about Emma going to New York, she wanted to tag along. I suspect that Hisako has developed some fetish hentai feelings for Emma. Damn those titties...

This mean that the casts for this show are finally completed.

Their journey back home wasn't smooth though. They were attacked by a mutant. They sent Wolverine to handle the situation. The BGM for the fight was good but unfortunately the animation was too... action-isque that I can't see anything properly and couldn't get the bearing quite right. Such a shame really because it would have been pretty good. Wolverine was having a hard time handling the mutant alone though which goes to show when you are infected with secondary mutation, you are obviously more powerful. Not only he was fast, he can changed form too if he so desired. Somehow he reminds me of Nightcrawler.

Wolverine eventually managed to knock him unconscious so they brought the boy to Xavier Institute for vaccination and thorough examination. LOL it was a total failure. The boy turned to dust once the vaccination took effect.

LOL at facepalm

Fortunately for Emma, hers is benign but Beast confirmed that both underwent secondary mutation at Tohoku. Coupled with the fact that Charles still couldn't locate any mutant using Cerebro at Tohoku, this is worrisome news indeed.

Ah, this episode is much better. We even got to see Scott and Wolverine having a good time playing pool while Storm watching them from the side. The preview shows Hisako training to be an X-Men. Meh, I can already tell it's going to be cliche and boring. Insecurities is old.


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