21 April 2011

Nichijou Episode 0

Nichijou Episode 0 is the OVA for the TV series that is airing at the moment for the Spring 2011 season. I want to watch this since it first came out but I was too god damn busy with work and has been postponing it week after week. I can't procrastinate Nichijou any longer though. Glo convinced me that I need to watch this show for the funneh and before I could watch the TV series, I need to watch this one for obvious reason.

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Nichijou translated to Everyday or My Ordinary Life so I assumed this is the perfect example for a slice of life genre (NOT). Nichijou also falls under the "comedy" and "school" tag according to MAL. I'm definitely one of the people who watch this for the comedy.

The arts are simplistic and used a lot of shading. It's not bad but it wasn't outstannding either like we used to get from Kyoto Animation. Same goes for the characters. They may not seem appealing appearance wise but they will charm you with their personalities. Or in my case, kinda get on my nerves. KyoAni once again aiming to provides cute, a little funny and random show for us. Recipe for disaster, in my opinion.

My favorite character is Sakamoto-san, the talking cat. He provides most of the lulz for me. Also, since no background story was provided, I was confused at first when I saw Nano. It was only after I looked her up that I learned that she's actually a robot who wants to be human, which explained the mechanism on her back. Yuuko is an airhead, Mai the typical silent character and Mio who reminds me of Kagami for some reasons, which means I don't like her that much.

I may not know any of the seiyuus but they did a decent job with the characters. None of them seems out of place and they embodied the characters' personalities perfectly which brings those characters to live. There's no OP, the BGM were OOK and the ED is kinda forgettable. It just the seiyuus humming some melodies.

After watching 22 minutes of the OVA, I have come to a conclusion. This show is kind of a cross over between Lucky☆Star and K-ON. The comedy is definitely Lucky☆Star oriented though most of the time they forgot to insert the jokes, while the plot (or the lack there of) reminds me of K-ON where a bunch of school girls seemingly enjoying their simple life without worries. So I am on a fence with this one. On one hand, I enjoyed Lucky☆Star, but on the other hand I was bored as fuck when it comes to K-ON.

Overall, they were trying real hard to live up to their title. It maybe their downfall because Daily Life are often boring as fuck. However, Glo did say that the OVA is not as funneh as the TV series. Maybe I ought to give it another chance?

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 7/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6/10


Yep, I feel the same way. It's basically a less funny Lucky Star smashed together with a less endearing K-On. I dropped it 3 episodes in, because I felt I'd rather rewatch Lucky Star, and there are so many stronger shows airing this season.

Aahh, the snot episode. This was the episode that made me think I shouldn't watch this series. Sadly I didn't heed my intuition. At least there was less snot in subsequent episodes.

ah this worries me. On one hand Glo said that it's the funniest shit this season, even funnier than azazel. To be honesst, I can't see how this show can get any better...

The first episode sucks. I hated K-On, and periodically refer to it as one of the biggest wastes of anything ever, so clearly I would not like this show if I thought it resembled K-On in any way, shape, or form.

The first episode was garbage, and to be honest, I never really completed it. I stopped watching it little more than halfway through, then decided, "well I might as well finish it" a few days later. After I completed it I thought to myself, "Well, I might as well watch the next episode (it was one click away)." After that it became completely more different and awesome and none of that sentence was proper english. Lucky Star I can see, but I don't see any K-On at all because they don't do the SAME DAMN THING EVERY EPISODE HOW COULD YOU EVEN COMPARE THEM K-ON IS SHIT.

I never said it was FUNNIER than Azazel. But it rivals it.

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I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do about them security codes. I can' turn it off because of the spam.

because you sedso, I will watch the first episode of Nichijou and write a first impression post of it. Hopefully the show will improve itself and I will change my mind about it.

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