30 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 7

Jintan of all people has the audacity to lecture Anaru about skipping school. Talk about pot calling the kettle black, huh? I am even more surprised at agreeing and even complimenting him afterwards though. I guess that's the power of love? It makes you blind as a bat. The cupid must be on her side too I think when she gets the opportunity of a life time to rape Jintan when she accidentally bumped into her bag trying to stop Jintan from leaving. Fate is a strange thing, doesn't it? *giggles*

kissu! kissu! kissu!

But even in anime it wouldn't be that easy to obtain your love. First of all, Jintan has to move on from Menma and starts seeing Anaru as a girl but we all know that won't happen anytime soon. In this episode, it was Poppo who acts as the stopper.

priceless moment :lol:

This kinda pissed me off. I have a hard time (well, I made it complicated) with love so at least I want the characters I root for in anime to have it easy when it comes to love. What hope do I have when even in anime, loving someone becomes a hard and painful thing to do? Oh right, I can just watch shoujo, you say but here's the thing... I CAN'T STAND SHOUJO. They are unrealistic. That pissed me off even more. Shit, it is best I stop my rant here.

And thus the story focuses back on Menma when they start reading her diary. I am not sure what they expected. That was a diary of a kid so naturally the content was nothing significant, even more so given her personalities. It help them to reminiscing though like visiting Jintan's mom at the hospital, making rocket, etc. Each memory is a stab to the heart for Jintan. He has to be emo, always. That is his role, after all.

By the way, they decide among themselves that maybe writing letter to God is what Menma wishes for. I doubt it but let just pretend that they are right at the moment, okay?

So goes home to Menma and makes her the ramen that she likes (I am still disturb by the fact that Menma can eat. A ghost is not supposed to do that). Jintan says that he is going to school the next day but he ends up skipping school. He is not the only one though. Anaru, Tsururu and Yukiatsu skip school too as they discuss on how to obtain fireworks. Apparently you need a license to have a firework in Japan. Here in Malaysia, fireworks are banned by the government but we can always get some when the festive season arrived. We lack reinforcement, obviously -__-

To see them having fun with fireworks as kid brings back memories. My cousins and I, plus my friends somehow always have tons of fireworks to play around with during the EID, we play pranks on the neighbor and declare wars with the next village kids. Just like them, we thought we could do anything and everything back then but now, as an adult, those were just distant yet fond memories. I still believe that we can achieve anything that our hearts set out for but if you don't have the mental strength, you will just end up quitting halfway down the road. That is what most of my friends have become. They got married and thus neglected their ambitions. Kinda sad if you think about it, really.

So guess what? I was right. Menma did want them to meet in secret without Jintan's knowledge on the day of she died which is why Yukiatsu doesn't say a word about that to everyone else (Anaru and Poppo). He also poses an important question on Jintan as to why he doesn't confirm the wish with Menma. My answer to that question is obvious so I will refrain from repeating myself here.

Fortunately for these kids, Jintan's dad has a friend who makes fireworks but it cost 200,000 yen. Jeebus that freaking crazy but they are not giving up yet though. Jintan, Anaru and Poppo work part-time to earn the cash. Good thing about this whole thing is, Jintan is spending more time with Anaru then he is with Menma. They are working together and calling each other by nicknames.

However, trust Menma to ruin it. All she sees is Jintan working so hard to grant her wish. She does not see how Poppo and Anaru are working their butts off as well. Urgh moving on... this really pissed me off more than it should >=(

The story takes an unexpected turn though. It looks like it won't be as easy as they thought it would be. The company's director who accidentally Menma's dad, does not allow them to learn how to do the fireworks. Hah, interesting. I wonder whether or not they will continue their quest in episode 8.


> Jintan of all people has the audacity to lecture Anaru about skipping school.

Hmm? Who better to lecture about skipping school than Jintan? It's practically ruined his life. He even realizes and admits he's being hypocritical.

> He also poses an important question on Jintan as to why he doesn't confirm the wish with Menma.

It was nice to finally hear him say that he's afraid of confronting Menma. Maybe now they'll let him heal.

Too bad his friends are anime characters, because real people would have smacked some sense into him long ago. It's all so very Toradora.

yeah I purposely neglected the part where he admitted that he's being a hypocrite :P

Each of his friends have their own way of helping him. Poppo for being frank, Anaru acting like they are still kids, Yukiatsu challenging him and Tsururu for... edging Yukiatsu? lol

This episode was good until that last bit with Menma

> yeah I purposely neglected the part where he admitted that he's being a hypocrite :P

Heh.. kinda like how I've settled into my selectively-oblivious commenter role of playing the devil's advocate :)

> This episode was good until that last bit with Menma

Yeah, I agree.. "what a tweest!" But I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

I wonder if Menma's problem isn't centered on her dad. He doesn't seem like a nice guy, so maybe she wanted advice about how to get away from him. She probably didn't want to tell Jinta because she knew he would confront her dad, and it wouldn't go well.

heh hogart, you are always so thoughtful :P

I don't see how the twist would make a better story for next chapter. I think they are dragging this too far. It has become some sort of predictable?

Crap, I shouldn't jinxed it.

@abandonedfactory, that is a bit too far-fetch. My theory is her wish has something to do with Jintan. The others hold the key to finding what that wish was since she's keeping it a secret from Jintan.

I do wonder how it would have played out if Poppo didn't show up, but I doubt Jintan is ready to move things forward at this point, as you said >_<

And YES I HATE SHOUJO TOO (but that has more to do with the artstyle more than it does with the plausibility of the love :P)

I came up with a theory about Menma's wish and I have a sinking feeling that it has something to do with Jinta's mum due to the quick flashback Menma had in this episode. I wonder if it is actually close to the truth....

If they ever get together, Anaru would be the dominate on in the relationship. Heh

As for your theory, I have an inkling feeling that it might be the case too

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