27 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 6

From what I saw in the preview, this episode seems to be some sort of a filler. Being a temporary cook at school kitchen is hardly a plot, in my opinion. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure I will enjoy this one just because.

Looking at how the students in anime always rushing to the canteen during break, it made me realized how different it is with the school system in Malaysia. We don't have to run to the canteen each time the bell for break rings because we know there are plenty of food awaits for purchase. They don't have to punch each other in the face for the last bun, like Rin and Suguro.

konek is penis in Malay. Pretty awesome is you asked me :lol:

Yukio is lucky though. He doesn't have to worry about food lunch because girls are lining up with their lunch box in their hand, as an offering to Yukio. I would make him my scrumbtious cake too if he's at my school and he wouldn't dare to reject it if he knows what is best for him.

Since Rin couldn't get any lunch, Yukio into the high class cafeteria. Unfortunately for Rin, he doesn't has the mullah to buy those expensive food but fortunately for him Yukio is kind enough to buy him lunch.

Well, if you can't tell that this episode is a filler by the story alone, perhaps the recycled scene of Rin might just be the clue you a clue. I couldn't help but :lol:

To solve the lunch issue, Yukio comes up with a plan. He'll buy groceries and Rin will cook for the both of them. Sounds fair, right? That's how they both meet the phantom chef. It just occurred to them that someone is making them breakfast every morning when they are only the two of them in that dorm. The name is Ukobach, and he is one of Mephisto's many familiars. Since the two of them have gone into his territory, he is in snit and boycotting his job, which Mephisto takes over. That is a bad news since he can't cook for shit.

So to save themselves from being poisoned by Mephisto, they set out to clean the mess up. Rin and Ukobach get into a cooking battle and after they taste each other's food, they decides that the other is a worthy opponent and thus becomes friends. Cliche as fuck.

I didn't know Rin can cook that good and seeing him in an apron is a fucking turn on. Seeing him being a tard thinking that he can get into girls' pantsu just because of that is just icing on the cake. Poor him though since no one believes that he possesses such skills.

Shiemi unknowingly has becomes the target of hatred for the girls because they all think that she is Yukio's girlfriend when she was invited into their dorm when delivering orders for Yukio. Even more so when they thought that Shiemi is spending a night with him when in fact they use the special key to send her home. Heh, I'm sure Shiemi would be pleased if she finds out. She has crush on Yukio after all.

But yeah the girls sneak inside the dorm and found the lunch Ukobach made for Rin and Yukio. They thought Shiemi was the one does all that and quickly throw them into the dustbin. This obviously makes Ukobach rages. I LOL when he plans on cooking them as revenge. Instead of worrying about the girl, Rin gets worried about the ingredients that go into that pot. Heh


Fun episode is fun.


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