14 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 4

edit: I wrote this a couple of days ago but can't put it up due to Blogger down time.

Yukiatsu continues to be an ass. He’s making up story about Menma seeing her etc. I want to shake him until his teeth rattles because I feel so sorry for him. Though this kinda makes Jintan realizes something. He is being over possessives when it comes to Menma. He forgets that Menma was their friends’s friend as well. He pretends that Yukiatsu words do not affect him but anyone can tell from his reaction that it bothers him.

speak for yourself

So he, Anaru and Poppo went to the stream to search for Menma. On the way there, Jintan has a change of heart (again), and ready to return back to the clubhouse. The conversation with Anaru stalls him for a few second and then something awesome happens. Anaru almost fall and Jintan helps her find her feet again. Gah, when I have an OTP, I want my OTP! XD


Anaru does not waste any time confronting him with personal questions regarding Menma. She shows him her vulnerability and I hope that will affect him somehow. I wish the mood continues but unfortunately they have to head back and Yukiatsu just kills any good feelings anyone have by being such an assholes. I went from sorry to mad at him.

Tsururu seems to be on the same page as hogart. There is a high chance that the Menma Poppo saw was actually Yukiatsu, dressing up like her. Jeebus that gives me a chill. Tsururu skips school and pays a visit Jintan place the next day. She comes with a request that requires them to go to town together and intercepting Yukitasu. Tsururu wants Jintan to say that Yukiatsu is making shit up and of course that makes Yukiatsu pissed.

He might seem cool and collected when he faces Jintan but when he reaches home, all hell breaks loose.

oh shit

Tsururu and Hogart are so right and Tsururu is determined to prove that to everyone else. It’s not to bring down Yukiatsu, but I think she wants to help him. That dude seriously has some problems and desperately needs an intervention. After all, this is what friend is for.

They all gather at the clubhouse. When Tsururu calls out for Yukiatsu, I feel like crying for him. He looks so pathetic in that dress and suddenly Tsururu’s method seems too cruel. He invokes too many emotions for me in this one. Such depth in characters. God, I love this show.

urgh the shame... If I was Yukiatsu, I will crawl into a hole and hide for the rest of my life


It was good stuff, huh? You just can't quite sympathize with any of the characters, and yet you can. I'm loving it. It'll probably be tough to not watch episode 5 right away, huh? :)

Oddly, I'm finding myself more creeped-out by Menma and her interactions with the others, like when she jumped onto Poppo. They're making it really difficult to know if she's the ghost here, or if something more.. interesting is going on.

Menma is Menma. She will always be that annoying even in death. She should acts more like her age but I think her mind state was the same when she drowned. It just her body that developed (or lack of) as ghost.

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