19 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 448

I have been a very good girl lately. I have been going to office on time and work diligently too thus why I only got the chance to read the latest chapter of Bleach after I got home from work. *pats meself*

so cliche

Yukio's full bring enables him to trap his opponents in his game and he can control them as he wish. I can see how his power is quite formidable but in actuality, he doesn't have much of physical strength, isn't he? It's all happening in his head. I expect him to be witty as fuck. I wonder how much time does he spent on games for him to unlock his full bring powers. I wonder if nerds around the world is looking forward to unlock theirs after they read this chapter.

Unfortunately Yukio is not Ichigo's opponent for the training. Ginjou is. Imagine how disappointed I am. If that's all Kubo can come up with for Yukio's full bring, then I seriously recommend him to lay down his pen and fucking quit.

Ginjou asks some pretty stupid questions to Ichigo. That kid doesn't have the luxury to play video games, he was too busy saving both the world and Soul Society from Aizen. Besides, who needs a video game, when he can play with his inner hollow and zangetsu in his own inner world. Bah, if only Ginjou has a fucking clue.

He acts all smug with Ichigo too, setting up rules etc for the training. Each he and Ichigo has 6 lives to spare, you know, like in video games. When you're done for, it's game over. Literally. This is supposed to make the training more exciting but why do I feel tired of this whole thing? Oh right, because I missed the shinigami :(

Don't mind if I do *wets lips*

While they are getting started with the game, Chad arrives at the headquarters with Inoue in tow. When Riruka sees her, obviously it's time for some comedic relief. I don't appreciate the girls talk at all. Why must everyone wants to be in Ichigo's pantsu? These whores should realized by now that he belongs only to Rukia. It has been almost 10 years for fuck's sake. Get over it already.

can you heal the hollowness in his heart for missing Rukia too much, huh? can you? I don't fucking think so XD

Needless to say, I am pretty pissed off when Yukio decides to let Inoue into the game as well. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. This means only one thing. Ginjou has successfully fucked Ichigo up without us having to witness it.

Well, Kubo tries to make up his lousiness by bringing the story to Urahara and Isshin. It's look like they, or specifically Isshin, has been concocting some plan that according to Urahara, will take Ichigo's future away. I wonder what it is. Could Isshin hires Urahara to create something that will forever sealed his shinigami powers? Is that it? But why, Isshin? Are you not the one who wants Rukia as your daughter-in-law? Then why?

There is someone else with them. He's a shinigami. I wonder who might that be. My mind immediately think of Byakuya but obviously Byakuya will not dirty his hands for a half-breed like Ichigo. My heart hoping for Gin but that is not even possible now, since Kubo killed him (FUCK YOU KUBO!). Ah, something to talk and ponder about until the next chapter comes out.

edit: Marie Lim said that the shinigami might be Rukia. Fuck, she doesn't even cross my mind, not even when this post turned out as a rant for ichiruki. I phailed sometimes *facepalm*

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


wowowow!!! congratulations for being a good girl then! haha... about the shinigami.. I REALLY DO HOPE IT'S RUKIA! DARN. I MISS HER!!! T^T

yep, i do think isshin and urahara are talking about sealing ichigo's power forever, and who do you think would be the main ingredient for that? YES, IT'S RUKIA, the one who triggered his powers in the first place! and i also remembered that certain manga scene when ichigo heard rukia's voice or somethin', arguing about his powers or his safety, can't remember the details... i really do hope my psychic power works! but i don't want ichi to lose his powers though! :P

"Besides, who needs a video game, when he can play with his inner hollow and zangetsu in his own inner world."

i read that as something completely different i must be a pervert....

I am not sure as you are Marie. On one hand I would be extremely happy if it's Rukia. On the other hand, it would have been awesome if Kubo do something new and unexpected. I don't think new character would do the trick though.

@Mitch, you are not. You read that totally fine XD

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