18 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 5

Urgh, I just wish Menma doesn't interfere with shit. Just because nobody else but Jintan can see her that doesn't mean she can butt in whenever. Can't she see how crucial things are between Jintan and Yukiatsu? Can't she see how she affected them so? Gah! Sometimes I just want to shake her till her teeth rattle and knock some sense into her air head, ghost or not. She's invading privacy.

But anyway, for the first time after Menma's death, Yukiatsu tells everyone what he has been bottled up all these years. He said that he was the cause of Menma's death. So he has been living with all those guilt. No wonder he is so screwed up. I can understand how he felt though. When that friend of mine died, even I wonder if it wasn't my fault since we did promise to play on that hill as usual but he was the only one on time. Will he still be alive if one of us has gone to that hill a few minutes earlier before those dogs attacked him? I still think about it from time to time... It wasn't pleasant but it keeps me grounded.

I hope all of my other friends are doing alright right now. I hope none of them catch on Yukiatsu's depression mode.

Speaking of Yukiatsu, I can't see how he can hang out with the others anymore. He is still bitter about the whole thing and knows that it was all Tsururu's plan. I know her attention is good but her method is somewhat cruel.

Before the day of her death, Yukiatsu confessed to Menma. He even bought her a hairpin. As expected, she rejected her right away. Or to be more precise, she didn't know how to respond so she continued running after Jintan and hence further stemmed the feeling of envy in Yukiatsu's heart. Heh, this is not appropriate but this reminds me of my crush during that play time. Why do we always fall for the leader type when we were small, I wonder? It is definitely no longer the case for me. My taste for men has totally changed since then.

I am glad to see that nothing changed between Yukiatsu and Tsururu though. They still go to school and spend their time after school together. I suspect that Tsururu keep up with all Yukiatsu's antic because she likes him. Love would be too strong a word for Tsururu but she has feelings akin to that I am sure. Otherwise why would she has the hairpin that Yukiatsu wanted to give Menma?

When they are waiting for train to go home, they see Anaru with her slutty friends. Thank goodness Yukiatsu decides to follow her because some asshole trying to jack her. Jeebus Anaru, why are you so naive? and BAM suddenly he asked her out AFTER he makes sure that she's a virgin. I fucking literally yells WOOOT!!!! and punches the air in my room when I heard that. LOL what happened to my OTP?


Oh klux, you are so fickle.

But of course Anaru will stay true to her unrequited love and surprisingly opens up to Yukiatsu. She said something that kinda strike a nail on my head. She said she wasn't sure if she likes Jintan. All she knows is she can't stop thinking about him. I have the same problem at the moment but lets save that for when I am depressed and needs to rant.

Yukiatsu responds coolly that the both of them have been left behind by both of their crushes. Neither of them can move on. Fuck, why does that hurts like hell? :(

I bet Jintan is happy now knowing that Menma came to him, and not anyone else. Hmph, man's ego. Instead of dealing with the fact of why Menma is here, he ignores it just so he can have her all to himself. He is worst than Yukiatsu. When Poppo comes for dinner, and accidentally makes Menma cry when he said he wants to help her go to heaven, I don't like how he treats Poppo at all. Jerk.

I prefer a lot of things. You're are one of them ♥

Also, how the fuck can ghost eats? Urgh, I better not think about it.


First things first - Why can't I see my avatar? I want that big red smirk-smile next to my comment. It increases my comment strength by 100.

You're the first woman I've met so far to admit liking Yukiatsu (as a guy, I mean). Doesn't it freak you out that he's still cosplaying as a dead girl?

Ghosts can bathe, therefore ghosts can eat. And yes, girls fall for the leader type when they're younger. You're a girl - explain it to us.

This stupid template only allows me to have an avatar. Sorry about that.

Also, am I really the only one so far who likes Yukiatsu? I agree that he's creepy but he's different and I love different. Boring love story is boring.

Come to think about it, I think girls fell for that type because it's the natural thing to do, and we craved the attention.

I guess that's the only way to explain it - chicks dig the alpha male.

Oh well, time to just play football harder then :D !

well most chicks never get out of those shells. I did and alpha male doesn't turn me on anymore

I completely agree about Jinta at the end with Poppo and Menma. Talk about wanting to shake somebody till their teeth rattled. Poppo was really trying to help. I don't know what Jinta thinks he's doing. Probably trying to keep Menma to himself, as you said. But he hasn't come clean with her yet about his own feelings of guilt.

What a jack-ass. How long has he been living with her ghost anyways? Does he think he can still act irresponsibly forever? At some point his dad is going to die and how will he support himself then? Will he just sit around playing video games and ignoring the crying ghost?


Ok, I just don't get this hate on Jinta. Was I just watching a bad sub? Poppo keeps trying to reach out to Menma, but she can't interact with him and starts crying. Jinta asks him to stop, perhaps a bit forcefully. Is that why he's an asshole?


I like ho Yukiatsu transformed from a Menma-obsessed creeper into a relatively normal guy. I mean, you can tell that he's over the whole cross-dressing thing and is coming to terms with it. And you gotta admit, he was cool when he was saving Anaru.

Jintan lacks of responsibilities is just one of his shortcomings, Hogart. I'm not saying he's a bad guy but at some point he has to realize that he's living in the real world. He could have treated Poppo differently, perhaps with kindness, if he's not too hung up with the fact that he relishes the moments he spent with Menma, and knowing that he's the only one who can see and hear her.

He needs to learn to share. Not just Menma, but his feelings too. He obviously needs to move the fuck on. Being in love with a dead person is creepy, even creepier when he got a b0nar from a dry humped she gave her in earlier episode. Anaru is not dead, btw. she would make a cute post-sex face, i bet. wtf, I'm deviating. *cough*

@aniphiles, Believe me when i say that Yukiatsu does not and cannot transform from being a psycho to a normal guy in one night. He's still psycho, but at least now he doesn't have to hide it from his friends. It's liberating, really. I would know ;)

Sure, I can understand being upset with him.. but all the hate seems arbitrary (not that you were hating on him particularly, I'm just going on other's comments in various places).

Because let's face it: Poppo's behavior was a bit over-the-top and pushy. Not just to Menma, but to Jinta himself. And all Jinta did was ask him to stop, perhaps in a harsh way.

And it's like people are just writing Jinta off because he's not instantly overcoming his isolationism and potential insanity. The time-frame of the show so far has been what.. a week at most? It's not like Jinta hasn't been making progress in that time. It took a vicious intervention to get Yukiatsu to man up, but no one's had the heart to do it for Jinta.

It just feels like people are giving Poppo a pass because he's the "normal" one, and Jinta's the "crazy" one. Which is fine I guess, but not exactly rational.

Poppo is always over the top. That's his personality. As his friend, Jintan should know this. And I don't blame everything on Jintan either. Menma should be reprimanded too for being too childish and such a cry baby.

Surprisingly with Yukiatsu personality, he's more approachable compared to Jintan. I won't call him crazy, more like a jackass who is too used of getting what he wants. He basically still living in the glory of being the leader. Well, he's not anymore. He's just a loser with friends who still care for him despite being a jerk.

Not hating, just saying :P

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