23 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 6

Why do I always feel anxious when it comes to watching my favorite anime? *takes a deep breath*

Let's do this.

Doesn't he looks a tad like L?

So finally Jintan decides to give some thoughts about Menma. Basically he is not disagreeing with what Poppo had said in the last episode, about Menma having regrets thus why she still lingers and does not went to heaven. I doubt that he will apologize to Menma anytime soon though. He's too egoistic to do that. He would probably think of something else, or making up excuses to cover up his own wrong doing, even though I think Menma doesn't even care about what he has been worrying and feeling guilty of all these years. I have a feeling that he doesn't really wants to grant Menma wishes because he doesn't want her to disappear and be out of his life again.

To be honest, I can't see one single thing that is so appealing about Menma. She's paper thin, flat and even though some might say that she is naive, I called it being annoying. So yeah, will someone help me out on this one?

As expected, he reverts back to what Menma once told him; of him going to school. Well, at least he will be seeing Anaru more often now, which is good in my book. But guess what, the school is buzzing about something that Anaru has done. Apparently someone from the school saw her going to the love hotel last episode and spread the words. Obviously the school will have to take some action regarding such rumors. Now everyone thinks that she's some slut.

I have to give it to Anaru though. She doesn't say a word in defense. She lets all those fuckers say what they want. She bears it all on her own. *pats her back*

But of course Jintan hears (or in this case, sees) her cries for help and comes to her defense. His method might seems clumsy but to Anaru he must have look like a knight in a shining armor. She totally drags Jintan out of the class for a make out session.

That's a lie.

Since she knows her mom would have been really pissed at her, she decides to stay at Poppo until things calm down a little. She turns the clubhouse upside down cleaning that place up. After that's done, Poppo suggests that they go to Menma's house and see if they can find any clue regarding her wish. He asks Yukiatsu and Tsurumi to join them but they both decline since they are busy preparing for the upcoming exam. Aww, what a shame. Things would have been more fun with them around.

Oh well, that doesn't mean we didn't get to see them. Yukiatsu and Tsurumi sure are close. As they are talking on the train back from school, they both suddenly remember that Menma called everyone (except for Jintan, I assumed) to gather at the secret fort. She said she has something to say (again, I assumed it must have something to do with Jintan. Just a hunch). Heh, a clue for Menma's wish I am sure.

Poppo, Anaru and Jintan manage to get Menma's diary from her mom. Seeing how depressed Menma's mom is, Anaru changes her mind and goes straight home without taking a look at the diary. Jintan who has been acting rather suspicious suggests that they read the diary some other time. Poor Poppo. Yukiatsu is right though, despite how they all change and has move on (as well as they could), they are all still caught up with Jintan's pace of doing things.

Aren't we all, Poppo?

Ah the show is flowing nicely until Jintan told Menma what he has been doing with Poppo and Anaru. This angers Menma because by doing that, they make her mom remember her again. Well, duh. Consequently Jintan becomes mad at her for worrying about others. In the middle of yelling at her, he gets a nosebleed and what Menma does after that, makes the nosebleed comes gushing out. I bet he runs away to hide the tent on his pantsu.

Jeebus Jintan, you are a necrophilia

He tries to ease the b0nar using Anaru but that kinda back fired.

Again, lies. But wouldn't it be more fun, that way? ^__^

LOL @ Seikimatsu Occult Academy and LOL @ how appropriate the dialogue is


> He's too egoistic to [apologize to Menma]

I doubt it. He threw himself on the ground for the sake of Anaru in the same episode.

> He doesn't want to grant Menma wishes because he doesn't want her to disappear.

That's what I think it's all about too. I think he's so screwed up that he's unconsciously avoiding an apology. Hence avoiding reading the diary - he's worried that he'll find out something that will force him to want to apologize.

> drags Jintan out of the class for a make out session.

It wouldn't surprise me that once these two get over their anime tsundere-ness for each other, he'll finally be able to give up on Menma. It's got Toradora written all over it :)

> Yukiatsu and Tsurumi sure are close

I wonder if he's going to help HER out for a change.

> he gets a nosebleed

Makes you wonder if they're just being anime-like or if the nosebleed implies he's got more than just mental problems.

> Occult Academy

That was epic. A-1 must be turning into Brains Base or something.

That L-like scene was a touch creepy, though :)

Oh man yes! He does look like L especially with his shaggy hair, maybe menma's wish is for him to CUT HIS HAIR.

Anyway Jinta gaaahh why won't you grant her damn wish D:

Hogart, he doesn't have feelings for Anaru hence why he did that. I too act all flirty and what not to the people I don't care about. I told you before that he's a selfish bastard but you disagree :P

I doubt that Anaru will actually end up with Jintan though. Things like this don't happen in real life and since this show is somewhat closest to what real life is like, I hope it will stay true to it path. Let Jintan be a necrophilia. Anaru deserved better.

There I go changing my mind again about this show's OTP.

I am sure Tsurumi will get some help when her times come. Everyone is affected by Menma's death. She might not look it but I believe she suffered too.

Jintan has a serious case of necrophilia. Only people with that fetish gets a b0nar from a dead girl. He is obviously mental.

I love L so it wasn't creepy for me. More like fap worthy moment. LOL

@foshiizel, her wish would have something to do with what she wanted to say on her death day. Jintan cannot grant her wish because he doesn't know about it. But like I said, even if he knew, I doubt he will actually do something about it.

Heh.. I didn't say Jinta liked Anaru in that way, I just think he was doing it out of friendship (or out of a sense of duty at least).

I also didn't say he wasn't selfish, just not egotistic :) He's not the only one in the cast that's selfish, either.

And while I had a bit of a laugh hearing it, Jinta isn't necrophilic.. Menma's not a corpse, after all. He *is* mental, but still :)

And you know what? The more the show goes on, the less I think Anaru "deserves better". Sacrilege, I know :D

And on a more serious note, yeah the show seems to be about Jinta being able to say goodbye and sorry to Menma.

well, it doesn't change the fact that she's dead and leave Anaru alone! :P

this show, and those characters, evolves around Jintan which is why he's the focus of many hatred at the moment.

Alright, I'll let you vent and I'll leave Anaru alone ;)

You are too kind, hogart ^__^

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