24 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 5

Who would have thought that Rin is actually an attention whore. He surely doesn't looks like it but since he even dream of being the popular exorcist among exorcist, he must have secretly wish that people acknowledge him like that. Heh, aren't we all vain?

I am also surprise that he actually thinks someone (in this case, Suguro) is better than him, even calling him "cool". He keeps sleeping in class and doesn't pay an ounce of attention to what the teachers are teaching. *chuckles* despite all, he is living in his own little world without regards to the people around him.

Love at first sight always does this to you

His opinion on Suguro quickly changes when that guy starts showing off. We can't blame Suguro for being mad at Rin though. For someone who studies so hard, to see someone else's slacking and gets away with it must have burn his pride. Even more so when all he seems to see is Rin flirting with Shiemi and knowing that he gets into the school thanks to the Principal.

And thus they compete with each other in everything.

Match made in heaven

That is until Rin finds out that they goal is the same though their circumstances are different, that is to kick Satan's ass. Suguro is the heir of the Curse Temple that is destroyed during the Blue Night where Satan slaughtered countless clergymen and he is determined to rebuild the temple. So really, Rin and Suguro are two of the same kind.

In a challenge that almost cost him his life, Suguro finally admits that Rin is good enough to be in his class, or his friend for that matter. I got to say though that Rin is fucking cool when he stops that Leaper from killing Suguro. Though that just proves how he is able to control demons if he wishes so.

so intense! kyaaa~

This worries Yukio, or perhaps, he is still the psychotic brother that I love. He reports directly to Mephisto who seems to have other plans for the twin brother. He even calls his little brother from Gehenna for help, who he calls Earth King Amaimon. Apparently they are all Rin's half brothers. Heh, awesomeness.

he has reasons to worry. Practically he's half brothers with the rest of Rin's demon brothers too

Looks like it's goig to be a filler episode for the next one. I don't care as long as I get my dose of aoex.


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