18 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 3

Yukio is dealing with his father's death his own way. He doesn't even say anything about Rin pointed ears. I am worried about him to be honest, knowing that keeping everything to oneself is not healthy. I should know, because I practice that in real life. It sucks. Since his personality has always been quite, people wouldn't know that he is not alright.

psst, kluxorious kluxces is the name I use in public

The principal picks the twins himself. Rin enrolls in to True Cross Academy because that is the only way he can be an exorcist, according to Mephisto/Faust. Apparently he doesn't know much about Yukio coz he is so surprised when he sees Yukio giving the speech as the freshmen representative. He shouldn't be that shocked though, he knows more than anyone else how hard Yukio has been studying. Or maybe he just doesn't realized how Yukio has grown from getting bullied to be the most popular student at True Cross Academy. That is quite an achievement.

But bless Rin's soul. He doesn't want Yukio to involve in his problem. He thinks that Yukio doesn't have a clue of what's going on. He is definitely underestimating Yukio too much. That brother of his must have known more than he let on.

True Cross Academy reminds me of Hogwarts and this whole exorcism stuffs remind me of the Order of D.Gray-Man. The premise might look similar but it certainly is different. Rin who is not used to lavish place such as that makes a big fuss out of it. He is cute while doing it too. It surely doesn't makes him fit in though. As he wanders around looking for the dorm, he meets an unusual dog and starts following it. The dog that turns into Mephisto/Faust. LOL wut?

*giggles* he is so adorable, ne?

The only reason he appears is to give Rin the key so he can access to cram school, which is basically a school for exorcists. They key can opens any door. Heh i want one too. The class is not what Rin imagined it to be. It is more like a detention class than anything else. Even the students do not fit the "exorcist" look. He would learn soon enough not to judge a book by it's cover.

I expect Yukio to be one of the student. I never would have expect that he is actually the teacher that will teach them kids about exorcism. I fucking holler in my room. Ah, man, this is going to be very good indeed XD

I'll score all A if he's my teacher XD

Looks like Yukio has been studying exorcism since he was 7 from his father. Rin of course doesn't know this so it left quite an impression on him. About his father as well as Yukio. Rin forces Yukio to explain everything and Yukio calmly does so. He can see demons since he was born, thanks to the spirit wound he gets from Rin in the womb. Because Rin is too excited, he accidentally broke the container that contains animal blood thus making the demons to show itself. So Rin gets the opportunity to see Yukio in action as an exorcist. Yukio, without a doubt, looks cool as fuck with his gun. I came in my pantsu.

Didn't I say that Yukio is not totally alright earlier? I was right. He thinks it's Rin's fault that their father died. He is envious of Rin because he's always be the center of attention, just because he has the power of the demon. Ah this is to be expected. This is why you have to love your offspring equally. I have seen lots of cases like this and they always turn ugly in the end.

Watching these two brothers pointing their gun and sword at each other is more than my excited heart can take. It is a beauty but I don't want to see them at each others' throat in the future. I want them to settle their problems in this episode and be done with it. And that they did. They even get the same room. Phew!

I came again ^__^

Aight on to episode 4 now. Catching up has never feel so good.


I thought it was kind of a stretch how Yukio went from:

"I've always thought of you as nothing but a threat for my ENTIRE LIFE and you should die."


"We're brothers and great friends!"

In like....5 seconds.

That being said, I love this damn show.

he's a psycho which is why he's so damn hot

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