26 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 449

Whoa a color spread. How deceptive of you Kubo and he is a fucking teaser too. He still refused to reveal who that shinigami with Urahara and Isshin is and continue to let us speculate at the beginning of the chapter. I am still hoping it is Rukia even though I am not sure why they want her reaitsu. If it has something to do with her reiatsu as the trigger for his shinigami power… then that makes sense. Kinda but not really. So in that sense, that shinigami could be anybody.

Because Kubo is a dick, he brings us back to the so unimportant training which is now has turn to threesome what with Inoue joining them. As I have said in the last chapter, from the look of things, it seems like Ichigo has been raped by Ginjou’s massive sword and thus in serious need of recovery. Inoue is obviously more than willing to help.

LOL I can’t help but smile at the double meaning of those sentences. My brain is so corrupted.

And… as expected, her whorish “kurosaki-kun” rant begins. Urgh

Good thing is, the rape does not stop there. Ginjou waits for a bit and challenges Ichigo once again. One look at Ichigo, I know he is not ready but heh, he always love pushing himself to the limit so he is up for anything at the moment if it means he can get stronger and be able to protect the people around him. Such notion is noble Ichigo, but you have to take care of your heart too =3

oh this scene would look so good in anime if only they don't do censorship
(c) ioshik

But yeah, the damn whore interferes. She tries stopping Ginjou with Santen Keshun. Why does she always fuck up everything? The fight could have been good what’s with Ichigo’s handicapped but noooo…. She just has to be annoying ALL THE TIME. Am I supposed to be impressed with Shiten Koushun now? Do I look like I’m impressed? Hell fucking no because at the end of the day, she will always be the fucking damsel in distress.

Her new and improved Shiten Koushun has the power to reflect the attack. It can basically inflict wound on attacker with his/her own attack.

And then… what? Everyone gets into the fucking game. I don’t understand why can’t they do all of the talking and healing in the real world. Why would they get into the game and ruin it for us? Why?

Oh because Chad decides to “train” in that game as well when the truth is he’s facing Tsukishima himself. When did that dude gets into the game anyway? Or did Chad actually go back to the real world? Why is this so confusing to me? Bleach isn’t supposed to be confusing. It used to be epic before but now it’s just asking for rant. Either way, Chad is in for a trippy ride.

you don’t say :lol;

Damn, apparently that spread was a flashback. Give it to Chad to make me confuse. I don’t like him at all. The shit happened who knows when but nobody seems to notice, even he is not sure whether it was real or not. This just makes Tsukishima’s san ability much more intriguing.

Either way, I can't stop raging no thanks to whorehime and chad >=(

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


You cannot believe the praise she's getting over on Capslock Bleach...
But yeah, it's madness I say.
Craziest theory on mystery shinigami: Ichigo's mum. Someone out there actually believes she didn't die in a heroic sacrifice but instead is trolling her own son...what the heck internets...

IchiHime was having a field day. LOL i feel sorry for them for not realizing that they have been cheated by Kubo all these years.

crazy theory is mental but at least people are still showing interest. maybe that's why Kubo is milking it dry

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