22 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 4

I know that this is late but I am writing these episodic reviews for my own satisfaction. I feel like I have to capture the excitement of this show in words, granted that mine might not be good enough, but they still carried my feelings. So far I only feel this way for two shows, both coincidentally aired in the same season; Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana.

Kana Hanazawa and Aya Hirano are perhaps the only two female seiyuus who I recognized. Though I like Kana, I'm not sure that I like Shiemi as much. Her personality is weak and if by the end of the episode she still annoying, I think I just found the potential character up for hate poll.

It’s good to know that even an anime character is not immune to the emotional effect of a manga/anime

Yukio is definitely the psychotic-dad type of a brother as he subjected Rin to grueling study. It’s not a bad thing though since Rin definitely needs to be pushed in order for him to learn something, especially if it’s from books. He’s the field-type kind of a person so he’s definitely going to bug Yukio when he follows him for an exorcism request. He’s not allows to participate though. He’s strictly there for observation.

Tsk =3

Heh, as if that matters to Rin. While Yukio shops inside, Rin wanders the garden where he meets Shiemi and totally falls in love with her at first sight. The garden is safeguard but chants and spells but Rin breaks them pretty easily (though unintentionally by accident) thanks to his demon power tainting it. Obviously Shiemi will over-reacts knowing that Rin is a demon and wants him stay as clear as possible from her. In her attempt to do that, it reveals that her legs are useless. The conversation between Yukio and her mother confirmed this fact.

But anyway, Shiemi suddenly has a changed of heart and even let Rin helps her out in gardening. What the hell happened is what I want to know? I know I am fickle but I'm not that fickle. Jeez.

Yukio takes a look at Shiemi's legs and confirms that a demon has something to do with it. Her mom is definitely against her looking after the garden and quickly wants her out of it thus they have a heated argument before Shiemi passes out. Heh, I love the intense moment because of the flawless animation.

The truth is, Shiemi was tricked by the demons, with them disguising themselves as fairies. In order to protect the garden, Shiemi made promise to the demon and thus allowed them to take roots in her legs and draining her soul. This was all because her feeling of guilty. She thinks that her grandma died because of her. Hmm, typical.

Since her situation is kind of the same as Rin, he steps up and starts vandalizing the garden to make Shiemi realizes that it's not worth it. Urgh i hate the cliche moment but I guess I have to endure it since Yukio appears right afterward to help Shiemi exorcises the demon who doesn't take the idea too happily. It quickly possesses Shiemi and uses her as shield.

How manly *squirts*

Yukio asks Rin to help him and the egoistic and simple Rin beams at the request. LOL cute. Little does he know that Yukio is just using him as a distraction. Heh, these two make a great team, don't you think? I just love the contrast personality of Rin and Yukio, even when dealing with girl. Both have qualities that I look for in man.

This episode is meh in my opinion, just Rin realizing his problem and introduction of Shiemi who still has a lot to do for me to take a liking to her. She's enrolling into the cram school as well. Looks like she too has a crush on Yukio. Heh, not for long you won't =D


I see a million similarities to FMA all over.... The animation looks similar (or art...style I guess is the word...)...two brothers with unique circumstances in that they are sons of Satan (yet only one brother has the power, which reminds me of how only Ed could perform alchemy (at least at first) without a circle.

All of these things are attributes to how good this anime is.

There are two anime/manga that Ao no Exorcist remind me of: FMA because of the things you said, and D.Gray-Man because they are dealings with akuma, the Orders and what not.

Like you said, it's a good thing.

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