15 April 2012

First Impression: Avatar - The Legend of Korra

Praise the internet for thanks to it I am finally able to see the new season of Avatar: Legend of Korra. I know that the episode has been leaked since last month but because of the hideous quality, I told myself that it would be better if I wait and enjoy it in full HD glory.

Unfortunately the videos from nick.com are unavailable from where I come from. Damn you Nickelodeon for being racist!

But hey I still get to see the episodes. Like I said, THANK YOU INTERNET!

(c) Yuumei

The first episode pretty much introduce us to the young and feisty Korra, who unlike Aang, has sorta mastered all the four elements since she was a child. That was how she was chosen to be the next Avatar to replace Aang. She was brought up at the South pole, observed by Katara (now an old lady and a grandmother to few airbenders) and is being keep safe as she learned to truly master all four elements.

In this episode, she has mastered the physical side of 3 elements (earth, water and fire) but yet to learn air-bending. Katara's son Tenzin is supposed to teach her but he has to postpone it in order to keep Republic City safe.

The simple minded Korra decided to run away (but with Katara encouraging her) and go to Republic City herself. She who knows nothing about the life in the cities. She has trouble adjusting, even more so when she starts showing off her ability to bend. The city folks aren't that friendly to benders since those who can't bend are being oppressed. They are even anti-bending organization which I think will be Korra's biggest problem.

I am not fond of Korra just yet simply because I think she is reckless and will only brings trouble. It was quite good though to see Katara and learned a few things, like Sokka and Toph being dead :(

We also got to meet Katara/Aang son who is the city council for the Republic City and the only air-bending master nowadays, as well as Bei Fang, Toph's daughter. I must say that I am quite disappointed that these children do not have their parent's sense of humor. It just makes me missed Sokka, Toph, Zuko and the others from the old Avatar even more.

I can't wait to meet the characters that will accompany Korra in her journey to become the next great avatar. So far it has been a good come back. Not great, but yeah... I'll take it.

art & animation 8/10
story 8/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8/10


korra is reckless and stupid just like all teens in Avatar are. the characters have always been simple and impulsive, and prone to lots of corny angst and drama. Anti-bending league? I wonder how our protagonist will react. Will she say something wise or maybe be silent untll she can learn more? Or will she just blurt out something stupid and look like a fool? Well, if Aang is any indication it's going to be the latter. Subtlety and complicated stuff are just too hard to write, apparently. This is why I rated the original series "A+ for a kid's show but at best a B for adults".

That said, the music is better than ever, the new world is VERY cool, and Korra is the cutest and sexiest damn thing that ever threw a guy through a window. I have a new crush.

Also it's kind of amusing to be in the homeland for this anime, to see it as soon as it comes out while the rest of you pull your hair out in frustration trying to get around copyright or translation bullshit. It's definitely a nice change.

Fuck you for that last comment. I hate you for being an American! XD

Maybe I just can't get over the original casts so I keep finding myself comparing them with Korra and any other characters in this new season. Maybe it's a guy thing but yeah, I don't like Korra that much but I know all the guys do have a crush on her, just like I have a slight crush on Muko.

Did you watch the second episode yet? There's a professional bending sport that's pretty cool and she meets a guy who is probably going to be a love interest (you can just tell).

Then, it shows a season preview afterward, which makes the show look like it's going to get FUCKING AWESOME because the shit's going to hit the fan soon.

Yes I've seen the second episode and... you'll read about it tomorrow XD

I'm not interested with Korra's love interest tbh. It would be like that of Aang and Katara, which I disapproved of >_>

well you know I go crazy over confident women, but Korra is pulling in more guys than most simply because she's absurdly cute. Even her voice lays seige to the male psychology. I will hope that this doesn't make me unfairly biased towards the character, but I make no promises.

trying to compare them with the originals is of course the best way to guarantee that you don't like it. you'll see all of their relative weaknesses and none of their relative strengths.

I agree that kataang was ...just wrong. I mean, he's 12. maybe in ten years if he became a very different person in that time...

can't say I liked zutara either though. such a cleche opposites attract thing. he's fire, she's water? the fangirls never had a chance.

urgh no zutara either for me. I just want Zuko for myself!

korra is cute? I can't see that at all, just like you won't understand why Zuko is fucking hot, I guess.

Toph's daughter is named Lin.
Ok, Korra isn't cute, but she is pretty cool. Like 20% cooler than Katara.
Headstrong yes, but we are hoping for her to mature throughout the series are we not?

i don't like her as much as I don't like Katara? But like you said, it is only into the second episode. I hope she will grow up by the end of the 14th episode

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