09 April 2012

First Impression: Sankarea

I didn't pay any attention to Sankarea until Glo got mad at me in my preview for Spring anime, which consequently reminds me of his spasm post about the manga. Thanks to him, at least I get a basic idea of what this show s all about. Well, I really hope it is as good as he says it is. I said this because in MAL, it clearly says that this one falls under the ecchi category as well. As you all may know by now, ecchi and klux doesn't mixed too well.

(c) Akahito

The first thing that I notice about this show is the male protagonist's hair. For some reason, it really bothers me that his hair looks like neko ears. I wonder what kind of OCD I have for it to bothers me this much...

Anyhoo, Chihiro Furuya is a kid who is obsessed with zombies. He is like our otaku who is obsessed with 2D female characters and wish he could meet/marry one someday. It turns out that God is kind to him for he got his wish granted when he met Rea Sanka (get it?) during one of his zombie worshiping ritual to resurrect his dead cat Babu. Oh did I mention that Furuya has a female cousin whose name is Wanko? lols

I foresee a love triangle in the making >_>

And I must say that I don't like Rea much. She wasn't actually a zombie when Furuya first saw/met her. She was just an ungrateful brat who whines inside a well. She lets her dad took nude photo of her every year for her birthday... so yeah... Also, she keeps shoving her boobies in front of Furuya's face. What about that?

I do like Wanko though.

Rea offered to help Furuya with the resurrection potion. Since she is willing to do anything just so Furuya would keep her secrets, then Furuya asked her to be his guinea pig. I'm sure he'll be successful with it and used it to resurrect her too otherwise there won't be a show.

Thankfully there is hardly any ecchi that appalled me so I managed to at least enjoyed the episode without raging too much. Studio DEEN did good with the overall quality of the animation and art. Same goes for the seiyuu. As I am not exactly an expert about music, I just find the OP rather annoying. Or maybe I just like ballad song better which explains why I find the ED quite soothing for my ears.

So in the end, Sankarea wasn't bad at all though I wish we could see a little more details on Rea's innards at the end of the episode. The humor should be improved though. I hardly laugh at all throughout the episode. I did smile when Mero was introduced though. She's so moe - wait, what klux?

art & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.6/10


Still haven't watched this....still completely trapped in awe from Mysterious Girlfriend X......in fact, I doubt I'll every watch another anime again for as long as I live.

you said that all the time. But thanks for reminding me that I need to watch that show like... niao

This episode didn't really make me laugh either, but definitely seems promising. I would give it a higher first impression rating, but that's just me.

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