12 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 488

Apparently Hallibel's sidekicks still haven't learned anything. They still bicker in front of the enemy and totally disregarding the situation. This comes as no surprise though because everyone thinks that they are better than the person they are up against, especially in Kubo's world. Sure they can kill the small flies but when it comes to the real catch, they will shit in their pantsu.

I just find it tiresome to be honest simply because at the end of the day I know it is going to be Ichigo who saves their sorry asses.

didn't I said so and this page is the last page from this chapter too >_>

Furthermore, I thought during the last war in that fake Karakura town that the old fuck made, these bitches were fried/toasted? Didn't they like transformed into that huge fugly monster but in the end they were taken care of unceremoniously? Again, did I miss something? Did they and Hallibel got resurrected?

Also, like I have said in previous chapters, the forced comedy ain't gonna cut it for me. Kubo is trying too hard with it and it just ruins the moment. I guess it was good that the anime has ended. I can't imagined how bad this slapstick comedy would be like when animated.

I don't get it why Nel is scared with the three bitches. I mean, she was once ranked as the top ten espada for fuck's sake. Get real please Kubo...

Thank goodness Kubo quickly withdraw from Hueco Mundo and brings the focus back to Soul Society. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the Captain silhouette who is reporting at the Captains Meeting because from behind he kinda looks like Aizen, doesn't he?

Or maybe I just like my delusion gets the better of me because he is just Akon. But what got me really excited is the fact that Mayuri finally confirmed who the hell are these villains who called themselves Vendenreich.

The old fuck is being rude when he cut off Mayuri in the middle of his briefing. I seriously want to burn that old goat to the ground but sadly flames won't do him much harm, would it? Damn it. He is obviously affected by Sasakibe's death for he can't wait to invade the enemy's headquarters. Unfortunately Mayuri still hasn't be able to figure out where it is located. So instead the old fuck ordered all captains to get ready for battle.

Despite everything, whenever Bleach is back to the shinigamis/captains I always find myself feeling elated. These characters never failed to make me feel like that since the beginning and hence why I am so fond of this series.

If only Kubo would stay true to the original Bleach that I fall head over heels in love with...

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you know, I wonder if shinji and co are still vizards. I mean it seems like Ichigo might not be. In the end a hollow is a sign of a weakness in yourself. So can you conquer it and become a shinigami, stronger than you were as a vizard?

It's just that Soul Society is so hollow-phobic that I wouldn't expect them to let those 3 be captains untill they're purified themselves.

you are right about how obsessed Soul Soceity is with all the hollow=bad shit but I rather want Shinji and co (plus Ichigo) to remain having the hollow within them. That just put the whole thing on the edge.

Maybe the still have their vizard power but won't allowed to use them.

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