10 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 487

A week late with the update because I was on vacation (to South Korea) last week. But here I am, back in front of my computer trying to deal with post withdrawal syndrome.

So Kisuke came to help explains shit to the kids. After all, they are risking their lives to help keep the balance between the real world and the world of sins and "heaven" even though they don't have to. Kisuke also didn't waste any time (or rather it's Kubo who has been rushing things off with this arc) to infiltrate Hueco Mundo. He brought Ichigo to greet his impending doom >_>

They all fell where the army of Buckbeard just killed off all the hollows and arrancar around the area. It was supposed to be gruesome but the stupid comedy took that away and we are left with this feeling of... dafuq? I mean, it's like taking a candy from a kid. I don't remember arrancar being this week. Where's the thrill in all of these?

I know that Ichigo has a noble heart and all which is why he never kill his enemy (Ulquiorra doesn't count because he wasn't himself) but saving his enemy just because they are being abducted by his other enemy is pretty foolish in my opinion. If he really do care of saving people, shouldn't he go to Soul Society and help with the shit there? Why help hollows and arrancar that you yourself will kill sooner or later when they invade Karakura town? Doesn't make sense, does it now?

The first fuck head that Ichigo has to deal with is this guy, Iacto Arme (what kind of name is that? O_o). I'm pretty sure he'll be dead soon enough.

These bad guys look like human, or at least shinigami, aren't they? Well, at least Kubo managed to keep me interested in finding out who these guys really are... They are killing the weak hollows/arrancar and spare the lives of others who are stupid enough to lick their shoes for mercy, or accepted after the 'admission test'. But it was all a scam. Iacto Arme wasn't really interested in letting any of the hollows/arrancar lives.

But what do you know, Menoly and Loly (the two bitches that gang raped Inoue back then) still live and they won't go down without a fight. They really do take pride in being Aizen's bitches lolz. I thought they stand a chance against these bad guys but they were easily defeated. What a shame. Well, at least their comrades (this time it's Hallibel's underlings) didn't abandon them, but I doubt they will survive Iacto Arme either.

That is just how Kubo rolls... predictable as fuck. I'm bored.

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I'm all for exterminating hollows, but arrancar are people. When an entire race is targetted for genocide you have to stop that. Also Hueco Mundo is one place where he knows the enemy is right now, unlike Soul Society. It's Ichigo's style to find the nearest thing he can swing his sword at and just start swinging untill he's cut his way to the root of the problem.

Not always the best policy, but with a 5 day or less time limit I'm glad to see he's getting something done.

And here I am, catching up again...

Kind of reminds me of these films about war, where the Japanese/German Nazis were portrayed as military assholes who are torturing the people. I just hope Kubo can manage to catch my interest and won't drag this arc out with too many fights or misplaced comedy...

Oh, some kind of a reminder: FZ ep 14 was just released this weekend.
And another reminder regarding this, UTW released a bluray batch for FZ's first cours. It contains about 40min new scenes and 30min additional information, so it's definitely worth watching. ;)

arrancar is people? They just looks like people. People don't disintegrated when they were killed. They bleed. Maybe Ichigo is just tired saving the shinigami who always eager to back-stabbed him. Of course, I am referring to the old fuck.

Hello Reiki, I have episode 14 in my disk. Will find the time to watch episode 13 and 14 back to back. Given my current internet speed, downloading UTW's bluray batch will take an eternity. I mean, I am still downloading the specials (only 3 episodes) and it still hasn't finished downloading yet. Frustrated indeed... :(

arrancar are not humans but they are people. they can think and choose and some of them are good, unlike hollows(which are sent to soul society when "killed" anyway).

some of them are good? Like who? *tries hard remembering* I can't think of any. Are you referring to Nel? >_>

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