28 April 2012

Bleach: Chapter 490

With mangastream no longer allowed to do the scanlation for Bleach, the chapter updates are irregular. This time it is almost 4 days late. I shouldn't complain though but it kinda frustrating.

I still don't get it why the Vandenreich is calling Ichigo as "special war potential". They definitely up to something and have their own plans for Ichigo. He's not the only one though. There are four others who they have identified as "special war potential" and I believe that Ishida is one of those candidates.

lol typo? It's chapter 490 isn't it?

Anyway, like Buckbeard said in the last chapter, they are going to invade Soul Society since Ichigo will be occupied with matters at Hueco Mundo. Like I said, brilliant strategy indeed. I am actually pretty excited to see Soul Society fighting the bad guy without any help from Ichigo. This should be interesting because I got the feeling that Soul Society will fucking crumble.

As they Vandenreich crossed the gate of the sun, Ichigo, as expected has already defeated Kirge Opie. Well almost. Since Nel was clinging to him (which makes me rage to no end), he has to be a bit defensive instead of going all out offensive. Knowing Kubo though, a battle without dialog will not be a Bleach's battle.

looks like I was right about Ishida

Opie sure used a lot of confusing Quincy terms. I have trouble keeping up. The latest was called "Quincy Letzt Stil" (means Complete  Holy Form) and after a blinding flashing light, Opie was transformed into a fuglier dude. Apparently shinigami/arrancars aren't the only one who can achieved bankai/resurrection and if their meeting with the old fuck (and the death of the first div vice captain) was any indicator, well... Soul Society is fucked.

Pffft I can't take him seriously now.

Oh wait, looks like Urahara noticed something. What was it?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Klux awesome thoughts as always mangastream is still doing jump they keep it up for only 60 hours though

yeah, i just noticed it last night AFTER I finished reading this chapter somewhere else. Orz

I am completely confused whenever I read German in Bleach... it's certainly cool to see some German, but if it's grammatically wrong it's just a pain in my eyes. :-/ Anyway, I expect long fights again with some dialogue here and there. Just wanna see Rukia fight... T_T

Hm, it's Golden Week in Japan, so I assume this was a double issue and next week there won't be a new chapter, right?

Urgh no Bleach next week? Just when things are getting exciting...

and yes, all I'm interested in is Rukia ♥

Oh, I just realized I used my other nick. FYI, Farray=Reiki. ;D

Your other name? Who are you exactly! :P

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