25 April 2012

First Impression: Folktales from Japan

Furusato Saisei: Nihon no Mukashi Banashi? Is this show even in the chart for Spring? I can’t be sure but hey I like the sound of the OP. It sure does sounds “Japanese” and I usually enjoy that kind of music. It must be the culture differences that intrigue me so. The same goes for the ED.

Just from the title of the show we can tell that this would be a kiddy show but I found myself enjoying all the tales that has been passing down for generations to the Japanese kids. It is definitely a good thing to compile it into an animation, just so that the new generation of kids would have a way to learn about it and hopefully won’t forget about it. Malaysia, in my opinion, should have done that kind of things too. The only Malaysian kids tale that I remembered watching was the Kancil series, especially Kancil and Sang Buaya.

Folktales from Japan has several short stories in one episode. It was certainly a good reminder for the inner kids in us. Everything about this show is very simple with only couple narrator who becomes the seiyuu for several characters through out. There is nothing spectacular about the arts and animation but it does what it is supposed to do so it is all good for me.

In the end, I sit through the 24 minutes of the episode without nothing much to say other than it was averagely good. I got to learn new tales from other country which is enough to entertain me.

arts & animation 5/10
story 8/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.4/10


I will have to recommend this to my son and even both of us to watch it. I love folktales and would be a great way to learn more of them :D

I would definitely keep this show KIV. Atm though I just can't afford to watch it due to me being super busy T_T

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