29 April 2012

Tsuritama: Episode 2

Yuki just have to get used to having Haru around and living in his house since his grandma wouldn't listen to his objection/reasoning. Yuki is still a nervous wreck whenever he finds himself becomes the focus of attention but thanks to Haru magic watergun, he slowly deals with his panic attack (though on completely unconscious mode). Haru isn't the only one with the water gun though. Apparently Haru has a sister and she has no problem using her water gun on him too. Again, she reminded him that he is the only one who can help save the earth. What about that?

at least Coco dresses the alien part right
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I feel sorry for Yuki. He needs to learn to speak what is in his mind. It seems like he is forced to do shits for Haru and his sister. He must be exhausted mentally and physically. Also, he rarely talks in real life because of his problem. He just talks to himself silently in his mind. I almost wasn't aware of this until Natsuki points it out. I love it when Natsuki often surprised whenever Yuki talks. Heh, no wonder people thinks Yuki is weird. He doesn't talk yet has no qualm dancing at the front of the class (granted under Haru's influence). Yuki gathers his knowledge through his smartphone, googling (or whatever search engine that he used) anything that peaks his interest. In this episode, it is sea bass and tackle. In my opinion, it is a clever way for the production team to educate the viewers with fact about fish/fishing without being too forceful.

Yuki is certainly a keen observer. He immediately notices how different Natsuki acts around his little sister. He also gets to learn what that magic water gun can do when Haru used it on Natsuki. That just scares him even more especially with Haru sister threatening him with it. The first time Yuki tried fishing the sea bass, he failed and Natsuki got mad at him for not tying the lure properly like he had showed him before. It makes Yuki frustrated so he goes back again the next day and keeps on trying the uni knot until he gets it right. He also meets Haru afterward and promise he and his sister that he will fish with them under the condition that  they stop using the water gun on him. A mutual agreement was achieved.

Towards the end of the episode, Yuki finally finds his voice as he confronts Natsuki and asked him to teach him fishing, to the surprise of other students. Natsuki just can't refuse him even if he wanted to. But that is not the highlight though.Turbanduck-san, I mean, Akira Agarkar Yamada, who appears randomly through out the episode, walks into their class and introduce himself as the new transfer student. Haru obviously not too happy about it. There is still so many puzzles that need to be figured out for this story to make sense.

However, since Haru and his sister are so adamant that Yuki fish, I have a feeling that whatever that threatens the safety of the earth, must be some sort of water creature. A humongous fish maybe who only Yuki has the capability to catch it? LOL absurd I know but given the vibrant and out-of-this-world setup for the show, I won't say it is impossible.

say what? That I wanna eff you? =3

Lets focus on Natsuki now for a second. There are reasons why he seems so aloof and why he is so loving towards his sister. They has lost their mother two years ago and at the moment Natsuki isn't too happy that his father kind of dating Mari-chan. The future step-mom seems okay though.

Oh and before I forget, I just want to say kudos to the production team and the creator of this anime for using water to signify the panic level for Yuki. It was brilliant and deep.

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 I love this show.


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