22 April 2012

The Aniblog Tourney: Vote For These Bloggers

This is my first entry for the whole brouhaha of the second round of Aniblog Tourney. I am writing this after I saw that Trazor's blog is behind in the poll. I should probably do this when I saw O-New was behind and eventually lost his match) but I was busy that day so I apologize to Mushy for not doing the same thing to back him up. I love my anime blogger friends equally.

Well... that's a lie. Coz I clearly love Glo more since he is my husband though technically he isn't a blogger but an ISSSer XD

So back to the purpose of me writing this post: to ask my reader to help my friends by voting for them in the tourney. I remember doing the same thing for Baka-Raptor and Glo during the first tourney 2 moons ago.

I have no good solid reason to convince you why you should vote for these bloggers other than they are my friends. You can choose NOT to vote but that just prove you are a dick for being such a cunt. Wait - how was that even possible?

Anyway, you get my point.

There's nothing I can do for my friends who were already in the first round for the past few days (but they mostly win the match so no worries there). However I am determine to coax my readers to vote for my blogger friends who will be competing later on. I'm gonna list some dates here where these blogger friends of mine will be competing so yeah, it would be great if you can vote for them.

  1. April 21, 2012 - Trazor's blog. You can vote for Trzr23 here. It's today by the way so hurry the fuck up.
  2. April 23, 2012 - Kritik der Animationskraft
  3. April 25, 2012 - Illogicalzen which I always read as IllogicalAizen for some reason.
  4. April 26, 2012 - A Product of Wasted Time as well as Abandoned Factory Anime Review.
  5. April 27, 2012 - I always love Sorrow-kun insight on anime so yeah go for Behind the Nihon Review to support him if no one else from the team. 

And that's it for Round 1. For other dates or matches, you can check it out here.

Round 2 would be a bit harder since some of these favorite bloggers of mine are pitted against each other but that's the fun part I guess unless another dorama occurred. I guess I will write another post for Round 2 when the time comes. Until then, do vote for the guys I mentioned above.

I hope by writing and promoting these guys, I won't get them disqualified for "manipulating the votes" >_>

I dare you


Honestly, Glo should be competing in the Anisss Tourney and not the Aniblog Tourney.

Thanks for the shout-out~

Glo would totally win that one too

No kidding, he'd be the only one competing :D

D'aww thanks!

I second Animationskraft (BEST BLOG NAME EVAR) Illogicalzen, Abondoned Anime Factory and Product of Wasted Time too. Regular reader of those 4.

;-; Don't worry, I'll totally be supporting you in Round 2 anyways!

I haven't checked the result... so Trazor, did you manage to go forward to the next round?

Mushy, many thanks but I'll be up against Yumeka and there's no way I'm gonna win that so it matters not whether I win/lose in round 2 :)

Thanks a lot for the link! The rest of us at the Nihon Review gotta work harder to reach Sorrow-kun's level of analysis. :P

He's been a bit busy this past year, so I'll make sure to tell him the nice things you said.

Thanks for your support. It's nice to know these thoughts aren't going out into the void, like some sad Makoto Shinkai text message.

Kylaran, you and I need to be friends. Lets do this! :P

@joojoo, it's my pleasure :)

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